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Animals in Disasters Blog
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California Bill for Orcas in Captivity to Be Delayed Pending Further Study

The California State Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife opted to delay voting until 2015 on banning captivity of orcas for entertainment purposes.

Whale Hunting Research Banned in Japan

After a four year court case, Australia achieves victory in its fight to ban Japan’s controversial whaling program.

Animals in disasters: Mount Sinabung update

Our team returns to review the progress of the animals they helped at the site of a volcanic eruption in Indonesia.

Kenya drought: why disaster preparedness is important

With an impending drought in Turkana County in the North-East of Kenya, we’ve been on the ground assessing the situation to see what animal welfare challenges face the region.

Celebrity Chef Christine Cushing Chooses Cage-Free Eggs

Cushing joins the World Society for the Protection of Animals’ campaign for kinder eggs

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