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About WSPA

WSPA the world’s leading animal welfare organization, working tirelessly to end animal cruelty. We passionately believe that animal welfare matters.

We believe animal cruelty must end - whether that’s cruelty against animals in the wild, living in the community, caught up in a disaster or being farmed.

We put animal welfare on the global agenda and show that what’s good for animals is good for the world.

WSPA is the only international organization with full time, trained staff, who provide an immediate and global response for animals in disasters; whether that’s responding to disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti or Tsunami in Japan. We also help communities take working animals and pets into account when preparing for a disaster.

We run global campaigns that seek to improve the lives of billions of animals. For example, our Collars Not Cruelty Campaign calls for a halt to the culling of 20 million dogs a year, mainly in response to a fear of rabies.

We have been around since 1981. We are active in more than 50 countries in Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East and hold general consultative status at the UN and the Council of Europe. We move the world to protect animals.

If you would like to talk to our expert spokespeople about our work with animals, get in touch:

Carla Pisarro, Media and Publications Manager
WSPA, 450 7th Avenue, 31st Floor
New York, NY 10123
Tel: 646-783-2210

What media outlets are saying about WSPA:

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UK to fund turtle survey

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Cayman Islands to research local consumption of turtle meat

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Study asks: Do you eat turtle?

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WSPA to meet with government

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Visitor turtle meat ban posed December 26, 2013
Op-Ed: Why Animals Are the Forgotten Victims of Natural Disasters December 13, 2013
Talk About a Good Egg: Taking 'Pasture-Raised' to the Masses

BlogTalkRadio: November 21, 2013
Interview with WSPA USA Executive Director, Anne Lieberman on Typhoon Haiyan November 11, 2013
How to help Typhoon survivors
November 10, 2013
How you can help: Typhoon Haiyan

Edible Manhattan:
October 17, 2013
Giving a Cluck - How the World Society for the Protection of Animals Collaborates for Change

Los Angeles Times: October 22, 2013
Want to see wildlife? Rule No. 1: Arm yourself -- with information

The Hill:
June 28, 2013
King amendment to House Farm Bill ignores consumer trends

Cooking Light: July 26, 2013
Five on Friday: How to read egg carton labels

Food Engineering: May 12, 2013
Cage-free egg sales set to take off


Business Week: January 31, 2013
Cayman Sea Turtles Endure Slaughter, Tourists: Commentary

Progressive Grocer: November 30, 2012
'Choose Cage-Free' Campaign Kicks Off

Capital Press: November 29, 2012
Group launches cage-free campaign

Scientific American: July 24, 2012
Bear Bile Industry Reportedly Shrinking in South Korea, but China Market Stays Strong

MSNBC: May 2, 2012
Two endangered mammals photographed in wild for the first time

Businessweek: March 22, 2012
London, Capital of the Rhino Horn Business

National Geographic: February 14, 2012
"Bear Sanctuary" – A New Book Promoting Captive Bear Welfare through Designated Sanctuaries

Dog Channel: January 18, 2012
Collars Not Cruelty Dog March

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