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Cattle die in severe floods
Stranded livestock are being tended to and fed where possible, but it is proving difficult to reach all the affected animals in time.

World Rabies Day: Time for humane solutions
But WSPA’s work with member societies continues all year round, implementing effective and humane responses to rabies and improving dog welfare.

A boost for black bear rescue in Tennessee
Each year, black bears from our national parks and surrounding areas are orphaned, injured or in need of medical care.

$25 million offered for non-surgical sterilization for dogs and cats
Billionaire surgeon, entrepreneur and inventor Dr. Gary Michelson recently announced that he is offering $25 million to the person or group who can come up with a safe, non-surgical, single dose sterilization method for male and female cats and dogs.

Croatia rejects dolphinarium
WSPA applauds our member society Animal Friends Croatia for a successful lobbying campaign to prevent the opening of a dolphinarium in the Croatian town of Vodnjan.

Peaceful protest calls for end to cruel contest
The coalition believes that in doing so the Temple is encouraging and endorsing this cruelty. We are calling on them to abolish the Pigs of God contest and instead celebrate their festival compassionately by making offerings of flower, candy and fruit.

Thousands of horses to benefit from new clinic
WSPA and member society Fundacion el Refugio Animal have opened a clinic to help the overloaded and overworked horses of Colombia’s capital Bogotá.

Mongolian herdsmen applaud WSPA programs
WSPA's equine projects celebrate their first achievements in improving animals' health and people's lives. Before the treatments, local herders were losing more than 500 horses per year due to parasite-related diseases.

Suffering in Slums: The global stray dog problem
In many countries the majority of stray dogs have been abandoned by their owners or are owned but allowed to roam freely.

2007 Achievements: The first six months
In the first six months of 2007, WPSA has had a number of hugely significant successes for animal welfare. WSPA and member society Environment and Animal Protection Society of Taiwan (EAST) have achieved a major step forward in animal protection in Taiwan - thanks to a hard-hitting video campaign and supporter action.

Haiti: A Six-Month Update
Thanks to the generous donations from WSPA supporters, our disaster management team – as part of the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti (ARCH) – has made great strides in providing disaster relief to the animals and people of Haiti during the past six months.

Animal welfare network reaches Monserrat
As Montserrat Animal Protection Society (MAPS) became the first animal welfare group in that country to join the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) - the partnership got right to work protecting animals in the wake of renewed volcanic activity this week.

Green light for urgent action to save threatened dogs
WSPA has been working with BAWA and as part of the Bali Rabies Forum – a group of NGOs committed to protecting dogs and stamping out rabies – over the last year, lobbying for an end to the cull so we can take forward a World Health Organization backed method of mass dog vaccination and public education – methods that are proven to prevent rabies spreading.

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A stray dog that has survived flooding, Colombia