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Universal Declaration campaign launched in US
We are seeking a total of 10 million signatures on the "Animals Matter to Me" petition, making it the most ambitious global initiative on animal welfare that has ever been attempted.

Government vets back move against animal cruelty
At their annual meeting in Paris on May 25, members of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) gave overwhelming backing to the initiative to achieve worldwide acceptance of animal welfare as an important issue and called on governments to support the goal.

Global reach: WSPA celebrates 1,000 member societies
The 19 newest member societies will help strengthen the global animal welfare movement, changing many animals’ lives for the better.

European Union support boosts UDAW campaign
The development of a worldwide agreement on the importance of animal care and treatment – which a WSPA-led campaign seeks to see enshrined in a Universal Declaration – would show nations that animal welfare is connected to global development issues such as food security, human health and disaster management.

WSPA opens office in Asia
This new office allows WSPA Asia to work closely with more than 100 Member Societies from 27 countries in the Asian region.

Sweden and New Zealand: leaders in animal welfare
Two governments, on different continents, have this week made the same significant decision: to recognize the global importance of animals and their well-being by lending support to a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare.

Animals Matter to India
India was the first country to have animal protection written into its constitution and similarly, the first to have a government Board dedicated to animal welfare issues.

Animal welfare on the agenda for developing countries
Last week the G77 – a loose coalition of 130 developing countries represented at the United Nations – hosted their first ever ambassador-level briefing on animal welfare issues and how they impact on human livelihoods.

UDAW endorsed by American Veterinary Medical Association
The Executive Board of the AVMA voted to endorse the idea of a UDAW, taking the recommendation of the AVMA Animal Welfare Committee which had voted to support the initiative at its October meeting.

Fiji stands up for a world where animals matter
Fiji has joined a growing list of governments putting the spotlight on how we care for animals by supporting a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW) to be endorsed by the United Nations.

Brazilian ministry backs animal welfare
The UDAW is a proposed set of principles which, if endorsed by the United Nations, will result in international recognition that animal welfare matters for animals, people, and the environment.

Leona Lewis says Animals Matter
Fans of the singer can also see a behind the scenes film of the charity video shoot and hear news about her new album, her career and lifestyle on WSPA YouTube channel.

One step closer to a UN 'first' for animals
Animal welfare is taking another step closer to an unprecedented place on the United Nations agenda. Eighty animal welfare groups are also working hard to promote this campaign and spread the word about the need for global consideration of animals and their welfare.

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