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Support a better future for farm animals

Billions of animals are suffering right now, confined in inhumane, industrial conditions. But today, YOU can do something to help them.

Right now, the United Nations is preparing for the 2012 Conference on Sustainable Development - the most significant event of our time, discussing the future of the planet. Please help WSPA ensure that farm animals are on the agenda at this year's conference.

When animals are well-cared for, we all feel the benefits. Did you know that animal-friendly farming has an important role to play in protecting our health, precious natural resources and farmers’ livelihoods? Women in rural India can attest to this: thousands have been empowered to put healthy food on the table and earn extra income thanks to humane farming methods of rearing chickens in their backyards. Will Harris, farmer and owner of White Oak Pastures, is also a strong believer in animal-friendly farming: his switch to a grass-fed system for beef cattle has brought major benefits to the local economy, environment and consumers.

If we can convince co-chairs Dr. John W. Ashe and Mr. Sook Kim, that animal-friendly farming is better for animals, people and the planet, we can influence the UN’s 2012 Conference and save billions of animals from life-long suffering.

Global preparation for the conference starts now. Please act today.

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