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Make your child’s next birthday a meaningful birthday

Celebrate your child’s birthday and help move the world to protect animals!

ECHOage and WSPA USA have teamed up to offer a new and exciting way to celebrate your child’s birthday. The birthday boy or girl gets to choose any birthday gifts they want AND make a donation to WSPA USA.

It is a unique and effortless way to plan and manage a birthday party while at the same time teaching your child about giving. Instead of your party guests giving lots of little gifts, their money will go towards purchasing a meaningful gift of your child’s choosing while also supporting animals in need.

ECHOage provides all the tools you need to plan your child’s birthday party. You can send online invitations and your party guests can contribute funds securely towards your child’s birthday gift. Half of the funds collected go to WSPA USA and the other half goes to your child’s desired birthday gift. All your guests will receive tax receipts for their charitable contributions.

Your child can experience the joy of giving that comes with kindness and generosity. Plan your child's next birthday today!

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What parents have to say

At her 6th Birthday Party Delilah raise money to help protect animals
“As parents it made us so proud when she chose to have an Echoage party… she chose WSPA as her charity because she loves animals and wanted to help them. We looked at all of the available animal charities and their websites, and ultimately she chose yours because of the wide variety of animals you help" - Jennifer
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