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WSPA works directly with animals, as well as with the people and organizations that can ensure animals are treated with respect and compassion. Through these partnerships, we are able to make lasting change for animals around the world.

“I am hoping that Balkasar will become a model of good practice for the care and treatment of these abused bears just as Kund Park was. I hope that the bears who are being used for baiting in Pakistan will soon be with me in the sanctuary. I am here to serve them for the rest of my life.” – Malik Sarwar, manager at WSPA-funded Balkasar Sanctuary

“I want to thank WSPA so very much for its assistance to the Humane Farm Animal Care. The organization has been very supportive and as a result, it has made an impact on many millions of farm animals.” – Adele Douglass, Executive Director at Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC)

“It has been a pleasure working with the World Society for the Protection of Animals on presenting our farm as a case study for good animal welfare – both to the United Nations, as well as the general public. Livestock farmers like me are seldom given such opportunities to share our animal stewardship values with such a wide audience. I am grateful that we were given the chance to talk about a farming system that we are so proud to own.” – Will Harris III, Owner and President at White Oak Pastures

“The World Society for the Protection of Animals is a wonderful friend to wildlife and to the New England Wildlife Center. From donating money to feed injured and orphaned wildlife, to coming in as a group to rake trails, WSPA is dedicated to the welfare of all animals. We are grateful for all the work they do.” – Katrina Bergman, Executive Director at New England Wildlife Center

“You are the only ones who we saw here working for our animals, in a situation where animals are the priority of no one. Those who are working for only humans usually forget that these animals are our assets and we are totally dependent on them for our livelihoods.” – Sardar Khan, a farmer in Pakistan, to WSPA’s Disaster Relief Team

“Since we first started work with WSPA, there has been a very positive change in the community’s attitude. At the beginning of the project, some of them just asked us to remove roaming dogs from there area and were not very supportive of the mobile clinic. But, after our community educations programs and seeing the mobile clinic work in action, they are incredibly supportive, They now understand that sterilization is the best way forward because, if you remove dogs from one area, other dogs simply move in to take their place and the breeding starts all over again.” – Dr. Malika Subodhini, Blue Paw Trust, Colombo

“No matter what challenges the country may face in the future, we’re confident that the people of Haiti will be much better prepared.” – Dr. Jean Francois Thomas, Haitian veterinarian, following ARCH’s disaster relief program

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