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Success Stories

For more than 30 years, WSPA has brought relief and protection to millions of animals worldwide. Here are just a few of the many stories of animals we’ve helped, thanks to the dedication and contribution of supporters like you.

Bettering the Lives of Egg-laying Hens
WSPA USA and WSPA Canada have begun a five-year plan to improve the welfare of egg-laying hens by encouraging consumers and businesses to choose cage-free eggs, and educating purchasers on the health, welfare, and economic benefits of cage free. A cage-free community can be found at, or
Saving Bears from Horrible Cruelty
WSPA and our local partner in Pakistan, the Bioresource Research Centre (BRC), have rescued a number of bears from the cruel sport of bear baiting as part of the WSPA-funded alternative livelihood program. These majestic creatures now live in a sanctuary, and never be used for bear baiting again.  Photo: Lucia, a female Himalayan Brown Bear was saved by WSPA

Putting an End to Endangered Animal Abuse

Our campaign to Stop Sea Turtle Farming has successfully organized more than 170,000 people to demand that the Cayman Turtle Farm – a popular tourist attraction – improve the welfare of the almost 10,000 sea turtles in its care, and transition from a turtle meat production facility to a rehabilitation center.

Demanding Collars Not Cruelty for Dogs

As part of our Collars Not Cruelty campaign, we have helped protect thousands of dogs, as well as local families, from rabies in Bangladesh – including Pinko, Jumba and Rocky. With your help, we are working towards eradicating rabies as a threat to humans and animals alike in other countries in Asia and in Africa.

Huge support in Australia for WSPA’s live export campaign

Millions of animals are shipped live from Australia every year. They endure horrific and unnecessary journeys and very slow, painful slaughters at their final destination. So far, nearly 200,000 supporters and many key politicians have backed WSPA’s Live Export Campaign, which calls for an eventual end to live exports.  To learn more about WSPA's vision for animals in agriculture, visit this link. 

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