McCartney's highlight seal hunt

Mar 31, 2006

Paul and Heather McCartney's, longtime animal advocates, are traveling this week to the Canadian ice floes where thousands of baby seals are being born. Their trip preceeds Canada's annual seal hunt by just a few weeks, and their intent is to highlight the cruelty of the hunt.

"Previous Canadian governments have allowed this heartbreaking hunt to continue despite the fact that the majority of its citizens – as well as those in Europe and America - are opposed to it," the McCartneys said in a joint statement. "We have complete faith that Prime Minister Harper will take swift and decisive action to end the slaughter of these defenseless seal pups for good."

Sadly, if the government allows the hunt to proceed, many of the baby seals that the McCartney's see will be clubbed to death. Some of the seals are killed when they are only 12 days old.

Learn more about the hunt, and how you can add your voice to the worldwide protest.

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