New rescue vehicle for Colobus Trust

May 11, 2006

The Trust is a primate rescue and conservation organization on the southern coast of Kenya that specializes in helping colobus monkeys.  WSPA has collaborated with and supported the Trust on several successful projects.

When the Trust asked WSPA to provide funding for their new truck, their primary vehicle was literally falling to pieces.  The new truck will enable the Trust to continue their innovative work for primates, providing 24-hour emergency rescue service for primates, as well as the Trust's educational, protection, and conservation work.

WSPA routinely provides funding and support for small organizations like the Trust who might not otherwise be able to carry out their important work for animals.  With past support from WSPA, the Trust installed a series of structures called “colobridges” throughout the Daini region of Kenya.  These rope and wire bridges hang between trees and allow primates to avoid roadways and make it easier to humans and wildlife to co-exist.  Such actions have significantly reduced the risks to primates in Kenya as well as provided models for international primate work.

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