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Act now to stop animal cloning

Nov 15, 2007
In a few short months, consumers like you may unknowingly purchase food from cloned animals. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is poised to announce that animals can be cloned for food and sold without labels indicating the origin.

WSPA brings aid to animals in disaster zones worldwide

Nov 13, 2007
Thanks to our supporters and member societies, WSPA has recently been able to come to the aid of thousands of animal victims of natural disasters around the world. Below is an update on our recent completed disaster relief efforts for animals.

Celebrities bring media attention to Japanese dolphin slaughter

Nov 2, 2007
In late October, celebrity activists attracted international media attention when they paddled through waters stained with blood to honor the spirits of thousands of dolphins killed in Taiji, Japan each year during the village's annual “drive fisheries” slaughter.

Listen to an interview with WSPA's bear expert!

Nov 2, 2007
He's rescued bears from some of the cruelest situations in the world, conducted dangerous undercover investigations, and traveled around the globe. Now, you can hear his radio interview.

WSPA and Animal Planet take on the illegal wildlife trade

Nov 2, 2007
WSPA is helping tackle the ugly world of illegal wildlife trade in Animal Planet’s new series, Crime Scene Wild.

New book focuses attention on stray dogs in Puerto Rico and Mexico

Oct 22, 2007
Street Dogs, a remarkable new book of portraits by fine art photographer Traer Scott, is helping raise money for WSPA’s work with stray animals.

WSPA condemns animal cruelty in Puerto Rico

Oct 19, 2007
The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) condemns the recent acts of cruelty that caused the deaths of dogs and cats seized from residents of a public housing development and thrown off a bridge in Puerto Rico.

WSPA provides primary care for hurricane-stricken animals

Oct 15, 2007
More than 6,000 animals received primary veterinary care in the aftermath of Hurricane Felix, which struck one of the poorest areas of Nicaragua.

WSPA takes action on World Rabies Day

Sep 20, 2007
On September 8th 2007, WSPA and Member Societies took action all over the world to mark the first ever World Rabies Day

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