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Activists target Canada's foie gras center

Aug 1, 2007

Recently, WSPA Member Societies Global Action Network (Canada) and Farm Sanctuary (United States) embarked on an extensive undercover investigation of Canada's largest foie gras farm, Elevages Perigord located near Montreal, Quebec.

The investigator, a Global Action Network volunteer, worked at the farm for 12 weeks between 2006 and February 2007. During this time he collected almost 100 hours of footage and countless photographs of the operation including the hatchery, fattening sheds, force feeding sheds, slaughter house and breeding sheds.

The video footage reveals horrific images of abuse including slaughter house workers kicking and throwing ducks, pulling the heads off live ducks, smashing ducks against cement walls and metal fencing. In the hatchery, baby ducklings are crushed and suffocated to death in garbage bags.

While foie gras production is an inherently cruel practice it is not illegal. However, Andrew Plumbly, Director of Global Action Network, points out that there are a large number of apparent violations of animal welfare provisions in the Canadian Criminal Code and the 1990 Meat Inspection Act caught on film. 

The footage, while difficult to watch, serves two very important purposes. To raise public awareness of animal abuse that occurs in some production plants and to make people think twice about purchasing foie gras. Canadian authorities have been alerted and confirm that they are investigating the practices at Elevages Perigord.

About 500,000 ducks are killed each year in Quebec's fois gras industry.

Learn more about the foie gras industry or watch the disturbing footage >>

Visit WSPA USA's member society, Farm Sanctuary, which is also working on this issue >>

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