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Help WSPA end cruel contest in Taiwan

Sep 1, 2007

A force fed 'Pig of God'

The largest ever recorded pig has weighed in at 900kilos – weighing more than a SMART Car* at this year’s Pigs of God contest in Taiwan. Over feeding and force feeding has caused extreme suffering for this pig; at six times the weight of a normal pig, it cannot walk or move anymore and has several sores on its body.

A representative for the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is currently in Taiwan observing the contest, they said: “This pig has broken all records so far there and there is significant interest from the media in Taiwan and possibly China as well. The pig will be kept on display for a couple of days before being slaughtered in public while conscious with no stunning.”

“Finally the pig will be butchered and put on a dome which will be paraded though the street and taken to the temple. WSPA and EAST are campaigning against this contest because of the cruelty involved. This type of slaughter is illegal in Taiwan and we urge its Government to enforce their own laws to stop these contests.”

WSPA and Environment and Animal Protection Society of Taiwan (EAST) have launched a petition website to put pressure on the Taiwanese Government to enforce the laws they have in place which make force-feeding and the inhumane and public killing of animals illegal.

The website encourages people to place a virtual flower on a virtual pig and is the central focus of this online campaign. This activity mirrors real events in Taiwan where some communities now make pigs of flowers instead of killing animals. To add your flower click here.

* The heaviest SMART car is an 84 brake hp two seater cabriolet which is 800kg.

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