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2008 News


Member society’s dedication saves cubs from bear baiting

Jul 23, 2008
WSPA member society Bioresource Research Center has worked with Pakistan's wildlife authorities to carry out a daring bear cub confiscation.

Animals Matter campaign goes from strength to strength

Jul 16, 2008
The Cambodian government, Animal Welfare Board of India, and Australian Veterinary Association are all calling for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare.

WSPA urges G8 leaders to start serving humane and sustainable farming

Jul 11, 2008
Industrial leaders meeting at the G8 summit this week again failed the people hardest hit by the current food crisis, failing to recognize the damage done by factory farming.

Four bears saved in latest local network success

Jul 9, 2008
WSPA member society Bioresource Research Centre in Pakistan has rescued four bears from being used in brutal bear baiting events.

WSPA’s evidence critical in victory for whale welfare

Jun 27, 2008
A WSPA investigation has acted to convince commissioners at the International Whaling Commission’s annual meeting to vote ‘no’ to including ten humpbacks in Greenland’s whaling quota.

WSPA: Redefining the whaling debate

Jun 20, 2008
WSPA is attending the International Whaling Commission's anuual meeting to lobby for a continued ban on commercial whaling on welfare grounds and for a change in IWC focus.

Successful pilot leads to five-year stray dog project

Jun 18, 2008
A WSPA-funded program created to manage Colombo’s large stray dog population was officially launched in a participating community yesterday.

Challenge to Greenland’s whaling claims

Jun 17, 2008
An undercover investigation conducted by WSPA has found evidence to challenge the myth that Greenland’s whaling is exclusively for aboriginal subsistence purposes. Watch undercover footage here.

WSPA Board and Advisory Council announced

Jun 11, 2008
WSPA welcomed three new Board members at June's annual general meeting: Cecilia Vega Leon (Mexico), Chinny Krishna (India) and Mark Watts (UK).

Animal recovery continues in Myanmar

Jun 10, 2008
An update from the WSPA DART team, which remains in Myanmar delivering aid and working to improve the health of animals that survived Cyclone Nargis.

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