Thousands of horses to benefit from new clinic

Mar 19, 2008

The new clinic opens in Bogotá, Colombia

WSPA and member society Fundacion el Refugio Animal have opened a clinic to help the overloaded and overworked horses of Colombia’s capital Bogotá.

The new clinic is equipped with an examination box, surgery, laboratory, classroom and farriery and x-ray units, and will be able to provide medical care to at least 3,000 horses.

Local needs

There are around 7,000 working horses in the capital’s poorest areas, used to transport goods, food and waste. Thousands of families rely on these animals as their only source of income.

But owners do not always have the knowledge or resources to care properly for their animals.

Unfortunately, without the right food, clean water and health care, the horses’ working lives are frequently both miserable and short.

The addition of the clinic is a huge advance for animal welfare in Bogotá – before it opened, horse workers had nowhere to take sick or injured animals.

Effective solutions

A working horse with loaded cart, Bogotá

WSPA believes the best and most sustainable way to address the problem of poorly treated horses is to work closely with owners and teach them how to care for their animals.

Projects undertaken around the world have repeatedly proved that when shown how, horse owners are keen to improve the welfare of their animals.

The new clinic will enable WSPA’s welfare education work in Bogotá – undertaken with Fundación El Refugio Animal, San Martín University and local police – to expand and have an even greater impact on horse welfare.

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A working horse in a shelter for mistreated equines, Colombia