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Photo feature: protecting Tanzania’s elephants

Sep 17, 2009
See pictures from an exciting WSPA project which seeks to prevent dangerous conflict between people and elephants near the scenic Mkumi National Park.

Emergency relief for Bihar’s flood-stricken animals

Aug 12, 2009
WSPA Asia’s disaster management team is currently in Bihar, North East India, treating animals that have been rendered temporarily homeless by recent floods in the area.

LUSH Cosmetics and WSPA working together for orangutans

Aug 7, 2009
Orangutan habitats are being destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations, leaving an estimated 5,000 orangutans dead each year. WSPA and LUSH Cosmetics have partnered to help protect them.

Undercover bear baiting footage reveals corruption

Aug 3, 2009
Footage taken by the Bioresource Research Centre has proven that bear baiting events are taking place in Punjab and resulted in corruption investigations.

Microchip project enables new life for farmed bear

Jul 31, 2009
July 31 2009: An Asiatic black bear held illegally on a bear bile farm is on his way to a sanctuary today, thanks to a WSPA-funded microchipping and monitoring program.

WSPA helps shoppers find humane foods

Jul 8, 2009
As part of our campaign to put an end to the cruel and unsustainable practices of factory farming, WSPA USA’s is making it easier for shoppers to find animal-friendly products.

Update: Hanzhong dog cull ends

Jul 7, 2009
The mass dog cull in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province is over. Despite local and international pressure, the cull ran as planned, meaning there’s no guarantee of safety for surviving dogs in the future.

Video: Pioneering bonobos reach new home

Jun 26, 2009
A group of bonobos cared for by WSPA member society Les Amis des Bonobos have undertaken a remarkable journey. This is the first time that a sanctuary has attempted to reintroduce bonobos to the wild.

Thousands of dogs suffer needless cull

Jun 17, 2009
Over 36,000 dogs have been killed in China. This kneejerk reaction to reported human rabies cases ignores evidence that humane dog vaccinations are the only effective way to combat this disease.

Disney artist and WSPA celebrate the Caribbean’s whales

Jun 12, 2009
Wyland, the Disney artist famous for his giant whale murals, has teamed up with WSPA to create a wall with life-sized whale motifs. The colourful wall will support the Caribbean anti-whaling movement.

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