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WSPA denounces latest proposal to ‘trade whale quotas’

Jan 12, 2012
WSPA criticizes this proposal on grounds that it ignores a fundamental reality: that whales are conscious, intelligent animals who suffer slow, agonizing deaths when hit by the whalers’ exploding harpoons.

From the Field: Achieving “Collars Not Cruelty” in Cox’s Bazar

Jan 9, 2012
WSPA’s mass vaccination project in Bangladesh is helping to protect thousands of dogs, as well as local families, from rabies.

Ricky Gervais Asks Animal Lovers to “Collar a Dog, Spread the Word, Help Save a Life”

Jan 4, 2012
Comedian Ricky Gervais has announced his support for WSPA’s Collars Not Cruelty campaign to protect dogs from both cruelty and rabies.

No more bullfights in Catalonia, as struggle moves to Latin America

Jan 1, 2012
As 2012 sees a bullfight ban come into force in the Spanish region of Catalonia, WSPA is now working to halt the cruel practice across Latin America.

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