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Nov 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Update

Thank you to all of our friends who have shared their messages of support during this difficult time. Our New York office has regained power, and our staff located in New York and the mid-Atlantic states are safe and sound. Our thoughts remain with all of our neighbors and local communities who have been affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Our partners across the area are providing support to animals-in-need, and we are grateful for their ongoing efforts.

WSPA has a long history of working with governments and communities to reduce the impact of disasters on animals and their owners. It is at difficult times like these when we remember why it is important for all of us to prepare for disasters, and include our animal friends in our plans. While we hope never to encounter a disaster situation, the preparations we take in advance can make a difference. For regular updates on our disaster work, please read our Animals in Disasters blog.

Thank you again for your continued support.


The Staff at WSPA-USA

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