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Illinois Bans Shark Fin Trade!

Jul 2, 2012

As reported by the Associated Press, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a law on July 1 that prohibits the possession, sale and trade of shark fins. WSPA supporters recently urged Illinois legislators to support this important bill (HB4119), which will help protect sharks and ocean ecosystems. The ban will take effect on January 2013.

Shark finning is a cruel and unnecessary practice that threatens global shark populations and the health of fragile ocean ecosystems. Every year, an estimated 26-73 million sharks are killed to meet the increasing demand for shark fin soup - a rate that could soon threaten one-third of all shark species with extinction.

This bill is a critical step in ending the unnecessary and wasteful global shark fin trade. Although Illinois is not on a U.S. seacoast, the import and trade of fins perpetuates this brutal practice. By banning these products and establishing civil penalties for violations within Illinois, the state is not only helping to protect sharks from slow and painful deaths, but also safeguarding the health of our oceans.

Thank you to all our supporters who advocated for an end to this cruelty!

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