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New bears at Balkasar Sanctuary

Jul 26, 2012

WSPA and partner Bioresource Research Centre (BRC) are happy to report that three female Asiatic black bears have been rescued from the savage blood “sport” of bear baiting. Sihu, Zilla and Rene are all currently in quarantine, but they will soon join the 13 other residents in the sanctuary, where they can walk in spacious grassy enclosures, climb trees and swim in fresh ponds for the first time in their lives.

We’ll be sure to provide an update when the newly-rescued bears enter the sanctuary – in the meantime, visit our "More bears rescued in Pakistan!" photo album to read more about their recovery!

More bears in need

There are still approximately 50 bears trapped in this brutal “sport.” WSPA and BRC are working to save these bears from cruelty, as well as provide their former owners with new, animal-friendly sources of income through the Alternative Livelihood program – an essential part of our efforts to sustainably end bear baiting.

The generosity of WSPA donors is crucial to saving these bears from cruelty and ending this brutal practice once and for all.

Please help WSPA end bear baiting and other animal cruelty >>

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