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Crackdown on illegal bear bile tourism in Vietnam

Sep 5, 2012
Our partners, Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV), have taken action in Vietnam with WSPA support that has led to police and government officials shutting down illegal tours of bear farms in Ha Long Bay.

Farm animal welfare efforts impress at Earth Summit

Aug 22, 2012
WSPA supporters helped ensure one huge change at June’s United Nations Conference for Sustainable Development (Rio+20): the inclusion of farm animals.

New bears at Balkasar Sanctuary

Jul 26, 2012
Three black bears have been rescued from brutal lives of bear baiting.

Global meeting delivers mixed blessings for whales

Jul 10, 2012
The International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting has concluded with both successes and disappointments for those committed to protecting marine mammals.

South Korea announces plans to hunt minke whales

Jul 5, 2012
Cruel proposals are a serious blow to animal welfare.

Illinois Bans Shark Fin Trade!

Jul 2, 2012
WSPA supporters advocated for new law, which will help protect millions of sharks from cruel shark finning practices.

Bullfighting success in Bogotá

Jun 26, 2012
Mayor helps movement towards bullfighting ban in Bogotá, Colombia.

Hollywood star Alice Braga backs WSPA’s Earth Summit campaign

Jun 22, 2012
Alice Braga joined our campaign to promote farm animal welfare at the Earth Summit in Rio this week.

WSPA helps put animal welfare on the agenda for Rio+20 for the first time

Jun 19, 2012
WSPA has helped secure agreement from the UN to include sustainable livestock AND animal health on the agenda for the UN Earth Summit (Rio+20)

Why Animals Matter at Rio+20

Jun 15, 2012
WSPA will be calling on the UN and governments to recognise the importance and benefits of humane animal farming practices in ensuring we can feed the world sustainably.

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