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"Gagging" Farm Animal Welfare across the U.S.

Mar 16, 2012
Several state legislatures are trying to prevent undercover investigations at factory farms being exposed to the public by proposing “ag-gag” bills. If passed, these bills would make the photography or videotaping of abuse, unsanitary or unethical activities on farms a crime.

Anne Lieberman Joins WSPA as U.S. Executive Director

Mar 16, 2012
Lieberman brings 20 years of proven nonprofit experience to global animal welfare organization.

Protect sharks from slow and painful deaths at sea

Mar 15, 2012
The demand for shark fin soup is causing immense suffering for sharks around the world – help end the brutal practice of shark finning.

Rabies alert level lowered after vaccination success in Bali

Feb 17, 2012
Balinese officials claim to bring the disease under control after WSPA-led, island-wide vaccination project.

WSPA Animal Disaster Relief in Action: Brazil

Feb 10, 2012
Since January, WSPA's disaster relief team has been working in the Minas Gerais state of Brazil, helping animals affected by recent flooding and landslides. View a slideshow of some of the animals we've already saved.

Life at Balkasar: Shama, Milla and Lala

Jan 31, 2012
Watch a slideshow of our newest residents at Balkasar Sanctuary.

100,000 Dogs Walk in WSPA’s Virtual March to Fight Rabies and Animal Cruelty

Jan 24, 2012
Today, more than 100,000 virtual dogs are marching across the Internet to deliver a global message: Use collars, not cruelty, in the fight against rabies.

WSPA celebrates the end of dog culling in Dhaka

Jan 20, 2012
WSPA congratulates the Dhaka City Corporation for enforcing an immediate ban on dog culls in response to the threat of rabies.

Bogota Mayor takes public stance against bullfighting

Jan 19, 2012
The public stance taken by the Mayor of Bogota has bolstered the anti-cruelty movement in Colombia and our bullfighting campaign in Latin America

Korea displays commitment to end bear farming

Jan 18, 2012
The Korean government has publicly committed to find a way to end bear farming in 2012.

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