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Cyclone Phailin: disaster relief for animals and communities in Odisha state, India

Oct 12, 2013


Cyclone Phailin, a Category 5 cyclone, has hit the eastern coastline of India, with Odisha state particularly at risk. At one thousand miles long, it poses a huge threat to animals and the communities that care for them.

As the first animal organization to form a successful partnership with the Indian government’s National Disaster Management Authority, we are ready to react with effective relief measures.

Our response

Our disaster relief team are preparing for deployment in Odisha state to support animals and their communities affected by Cyclone Phailin. Animals such as cattle, buffalo, goats and community dogs in the tens of thousands are expected to be impacted by the cyclone.


There is concern that as human populations evacuate, animals are likely to be left behind without adequate resources and support. In particular, our team is concerned about veterinary access and infrastructure, the destruction of crops, and access to clean water and shelter. These will be our immediate priorities as we work towards supporting at-risk animals and the communities in which they live.


Disaster Management Communications Manager, Scott Cantin, will be updating our Animals in Disasters blog with regular posts to keep you as informed as possible. Read the latest update now.

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