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First Emergency Fund for Animals in Central America

Costa Rican animals will be better protected from emergencies thanks to the National Animal Health Service (SENASA, Spanish acronym) of Costa Rica who have established the first Emergency Fund for Animals in Central America, with support by WSPA’s Disaster Management team.

"The creation of this fund is a milestone for our country because it strengthens the capacity to respond to declared emergencies within SENASA´s area of expertise, and will allow it to act rapidly and provide support and protection to animals like cattle, chickens, pigs and pets which represent the livelihood, transportation, food and company for thousands of families”, said German Rojas, Director of SENASA.

The fund can be activated upon during a declared emergency due to a natural or human-caused phenomenon or an epidemic outbreak (related to animal diseases).

WSPA played a key role in this achievement. Our Disaster Management team contributed to the development of the fund and provided training to SENASA technical staff on international best practices for emergency animal care.

WSPA also promoted the initiative at international forums such as the Online Forum on Floods and Livestock Risk and the National Conference on Animals in Disaster Management in India which took place in April.

This is a monumental achievement and we hope that other countries will soon follow in their footsteps.

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