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Marking a great milestone for European cows

Oct 24, 2013

Presenting at the EU: From left to right Ruud Tombrock (European Director, WSPA), Harry Vassallo (European Commission Cabinet), Andrea Gavinelli (Head of Animal Welfare Unit, European Commission), Jochanan Senf (european Director, Ben & jerry's) James West (Campaign Manager, Compassion in World Farming)

Following months of hard work between us and our partners, Ben & Jerry’s and Compassion in World Farming, the Supporting Better Dairy campaign is celebrating a great milestone in the fight to secure legal protection for cows! A whopping 293,511 of our supporters in Europe have spoken up for improved dairy cow welfare. In fact, Andrea Gavinelli, Head of the Animal Welfare Unit at the European Union (EU) described the total of signatures as “unprecendented” on his twitter feed:


Currently, there are no specific rules in place to protect dairy cows’ specific needs, unlike pigs, hens and most other farm animals. It’s estimated that 10 million cows are currently suffering from issues such as cramped living conditions, a poor diet, health problems and inadequate care. We believe they would benefit from the protection of an EU Directive, which would harmonize standards and create a level playing field for farmers.

The coalition met with the EU Commission in Brussels, Belgium, to highlight concerns over varying levels of dairy cow welfare in Europe. The meeting was positive and productive - with opportunities for driving improvements across the dairy industry identified and discussed.

Presenting the signatures in the form of the artwork was also a big success – the names of cow campaigners from every country in the European Union immortalized in a bold, 12 m long canvas piece that portrays one of the campaign’s key objectives: contented cows with access to pasture and a high welfare environment.

Click here for more information about the Supporting Better Dairy campaign.

Join WSPA in our fight to stop the cruel and inhumane treatment of egg-laying hens

The Supporting Better Dairy campaign is one of WSPA's many campaigns to improve the welfare of farm animals. In North America, we are focused on helping the three hundred million hens suffering - squeezed into cages so small they can’t stretch their wings or even turn around.

As we have seen with cows in Europe, creating change is possible. As numbers grow for Choose Cage Free in the US, more and more retailers, restaurants and institutions will take notice.

Take our Cage-Free Pledge, and encourage your family and friends to do the same.

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