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New efforts to continue fight against rabies

Sep 27, 2013

We met Mohammed Nassor Mauly ('Mauly'), owner of 15 dogs, at his home. Mauly became involved with the government veterinary department as he helps liaise with a wide network of dog owners in Zanzibar. All his own dogs are vaccinated against rabies.

It’s World Rabies Day and together with the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) we are delighted to announce  the signing of a global memorandum of understanding (MOU) to complement efforts to combat rabies across the world.

Rabies is a disease of poverty and mainly affects children living in marginalized societies. Over 95% of human rabies deaths today occur in Africa and Asia as a result of being bitten by an infected dog. Up to 60% of all dog bites and rabies deaths occur in children under 15 years of age.
Although rabies is renowned as being one of the most deadly infectious diseases in the world, none of the tens of thousands of people and animals that die every year need to have succumbed to this disease. It is virtually 100% preventable through a One Health approach that involves collaboration across the human and animal health and welfare sectors. 

The MOU will enable cooperation in different countries in the areas of rabies surveillance, humane prevention, control and elimination, and the promotion of human and animal health and welfare. 

Dr Deborah Briggs, GARC’s Executive Director, said “We welcome this agreement with WSPA on the eve of World Rabies Day. As an important One Health partner, we look forward to working with them in countries where rabies still poses a very real threat to humans and animals.”

We plan to build on our work with GARC to support local governments in the Philippines and make parts of Metro Manila rabies-free communities. This will be achieved through the implementation of a comprehensive rabies control program anchored on mass dog vaccination and promotion of responsible pet ownership.

Mike Baker, WSPA Chief Executive, said “We are pleased to be signing an MOU with GARC to work together to combat this tragic and deadly, yet entirely preventable disease.  Through holistic vaccination programmes,  we can shift people’s perceptions of dogs in communities. This will end the needless practice of dog culling and help protect human lives”.

This is an exciting and significant moment for both organizations, and a major step in the fight to end rabies across the world.

Show your support for Collars not Cruelty

We’re also asking you, our supporters, to show your support this World Rabies Day. Through our programs, vaccinated dogs are given a red collar to show they have been vaccinated. Please take a picture with your pet in a red collar (or bandana!) in symbolic support of this work and to show that you believe vaccination is THE only solution.  Send your pictures to

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