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Revisiting the communities helped in Mongolia's 2010 disaster

Aug 27, 2013

A nomadic herder and his sheep, Dundgovi, Mongolia

What is the impact of a disaster on animals and the communities that care for them? 

In 2010, Mongolia suffered a summer drought followed by an extremely cold winter, resulting in a catastrophic loss of animal life for many communities. WSPA's Regional Communications Manager for Disaster Management, Scott Cantin, recently re-visited Dundgovi in Mongolia to learn more about the sustainability of our disaster response work.

“We first met Odkhvu in 2010 when WSPA responded to the disaster unfolding across the country. Dundgovi, an area south west of the capital Ulaanbaatar and on the northern edge of the Gobi Desert was once of the worst hit areas. We were there distributing emergency feed and working alongside local veterinarians and the charity CAMDA who focused on the people’s needs...”

Read the full story on our Animals in Disasters blog.

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