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Uniting against bullfighting: A letter to the Spanish senate

Oct 23, 2013

On Wednesday this week, we met with Spanish senators to hand in a letter signed by more than 100 animal welfare organizations from 29 countries. Together, we are opposing proposed legislation to protect bullfighting as ‘cultural heritage’. In addition, a second letter signed by 140 scientists and academics from 18 countries, raises concerns about the link between animal abuse and violence - especially the desensitizing impact bullfights can have on children.

The promotion of bullfighting as cultural heritage means that public funds will be used to prop-up the industry. However, a 2013 Ipsos MORI poll showed that three quarters of the Spanish population oppose their taxes being used to support bullfighting.

The Spanish senate is expected to vote on the proposed legislation between November 5-6 or November 19-20.

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