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WSPA’s disaster team responds to super typhoon Haiyan

Nov 11, 2013

Following the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan, WSPA’s Disaster Assessment Response Team is deploying to the Philippines to help the thousands of affected animals and their communities. 

We’re working with key partner organisations on the ground to coordinate an animal welfare response, to help those most in need.

Follow the latest updates on our rescue efforts on our Animals in Disasters blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Animals impacted

Haiyan is possibly the largest storm in recorded history to have ever made landfall, with winds up to 350km/h. Entire communities have been devastated. Early estimates of the human toll are as high as 10,000.
The toll on animals is not yet known, but judging by the images of destruction we know that companion animals, farm animals and wildlife have been affected.

Animals are often the forgotten victims in natural disasters. That’s why you’ll be happy to know we’re working with communities in the Asia Pacific region to prepare for these terrible events.

Our recent work in India is a living, breathing example of our disaster preparedness work. When Cyclone Phailin struck the east coast, the toll on humans and animals was far lower than expected.

Tracking the storm

Sadly, the worst may not yet be over as Super Typhoon Haiyan bears down on Vietnam. We’re watching the situation closely, ready to respond and protect animals at a moment’s notice.

We’ll bring you further updates via Facebook and Twitter and our Animals in Disasters blog from our team on the ground over the coming days.

With your ongoing support we can be there when animals and the people who depend on them need help the most. Thank you for giving a gift today >>
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