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WSPA joins the Sustainable Food Lab

Jul 3, 2013

Sustainable Food Lab

WSPA has joined the Sustainable Food Laboratory (SFL) as part of efforts to collaborate with businesses and mainstream animal welfare into sustainability.

The consortium of business, non-profit and public organizations, work to accelerate the shift towards sustainability by facilitating the development of market-based solutions to key issues necessary for a healthy and sustainable food system to feed a growing world.

They use collaborative learning techniques to incubate innovation at every stage along the supply chain from producing to distributing and selling. Working together with the SFL, we will partner with a diverse range of stakeholders to create new initiatives and share knowledge and best practices in order to enhance the sustainability efforts that are directly linked to WSPA’s animal welfare goals. 

‘Sustainability through collaboration’ 

WSPA joins the SFL alongside other influential non-profits also working collaboratively with businesses, such as Rainforest Alliance, World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, Oxfam, and Fair Trade USA. Notable business members include Unilever, Sodexo, Starbucks, Costco, Aramark, Pepsico, and Mars.

“It gives us great pleasure to join such a distinguished group of members focusing on solving issues of sustainability through collaboration,” said US Executive Director, Anne Lieberman.

“WSPA brings a unique voice and distinct perspective for animals, and is excited to introduce animal welfare more broadly into mainstream sustainability initiatives with the support of the Sustainable Food Lab.”

Many business members of the SFL are recognized for their leadership in the areas of climate change, land and water use, poverty, and nutrition. WSPA aims to increase the focus on animal welfare and its importance within the sustainability field and for businesses.

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