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WSPA partners with Humane Society International to protect sea turtles

Jan 22, 2013

The World Society for the Protection of Animals is happy to announce a partnership with Humane Society International (HIS) to make a stand against the Cayman Turtle Farm (CTF), and for true conservation and welfare of an endangered species.
The partnership centers around the Cayman Turtle Farm's mistreatment of an endangered species, misleading representation of their actions regarding ‘conservation,' and encouragement of the farm to move forward with sea turtle welfare at the forefront of their operations.

Stopping the slaughter of an endangered species...
Unfortunately, the Cayman Turtle Farm on Grand Cayman Island currently houses thousands of endangered sea turtles in cramped, unclean conditions. The sheer number of turtles that have died in captivity or fallen victim to disease, injury and cannibalism is proof alone that the CTF is not protecting the welfare of the animals, and needs to put an end to the slaughter of endangered turtles for their meat. Only an average of 27 per year (since 2007) have been released into the wild, while thousands more have died for their meat, or as a result of mistreatment and disease.

Says Amanda Mayhew, Manager of Ecotourism & International Trade Policy at Humane Society International, of the partnership:

"In spite of the significance of tourism to the economy of the Cayman Islands and the popularity of the Cayman Turtle Farm as a tourist attraction, the Farm is operating at a loss. As more and more travelers factor animal welfare concerns into their vacation plans, the Farm's reputation will be key to its future success. By transitioning away from commercial production and improving the conditions for its resident turtles, the Cayman Turtle Farm would demonstrate its commitment to its conservation mandate, teach the public to value and respect these beautiful creatures, and set an example for sea turtle conservation worldwide."

A conservation-based future for sea turtles

The partnership between WSPA and HIS encourages supporters everywhere to sign a petition — already over 100,000 strong — to demand that the CTF improve conditions for the turtles in captivity, and uphold their mandate of conserving — not consuming — the species.

The petition, which will be delivered to the CTF on February, is open for signatures.

More information on the campaign to end sea turtle cruelty is available at

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