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What does World Humanitarian Day mean to animals?

Aug 19, 2013

WSPA's Dr Akash Maheshwar (right) measures an anaemic calf with owner Bhagwan Tuckram Tawlain and WSPA Volunteer Dhamma Parvekar (left)

Happy World Humanitarian Day! You may be wondering what this means to an animal protection charity. Well, at WSPA, we know that the lives and welfare of animals and humans are inextricably linked. We also know that animals play a vital role in the everyday lives of people, whether that is in protecting their health, food security or social wealth. 

Our purpose is to move the world to protect animals but we do this by illustrating how helping animals helps people too. So, as we celebrate crucial humanitarian work today, we reflect on the positive role that animals also play in the lives of humans.  It’s important to celebrate the amazing work of aid workers across the world, the significant contribution that they make and their tireless effort to help those most in need.

Helping animals helps people

We work on a range of programmes that show how helping animals also benefits the communities that depend on them. Projects such as working equines, humane and sustainable agriculture and disaster management are all examples of issues that touch and affect the lives of both people and animals. Animals provide comfort, food, assets and security; treasured contributions in common with the things we value most about the humanitarian work which we are celebrating today. 

Learn more about World Humanitarian Day or catch up with our Animals in Disasters blog to see how we’re helping animals in disaster zones, right now.

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