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Take action against Taiji’s annual dolphin hunt

Jan 21, 2014

The annual slaughter of bottle-nosed dolphins taking place in Japan this week is deeply troubling. Many of you have expressed your concerns and called for action to stop the killings.
As WSPA, we are opposed to all cetacean hunts and believe that there is no humane way to kill these animals at sea. 
Right now, our top partner organisations are lobbying, raising awareness and applying pressure through public support to help the dolphins.
To take action now, visit: Save Japan Dolphins, which campaigns solely on this issue, and has a page of actions for you to take.
For further information and actions to take visit:

You can also write a letter of concern to the Japanese embassy in your country - visit the Embassy Pages website for contact details.

At WSPA we will continue to make our objections to the hunt very clear and support our partners at this time.

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