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Supporters help Maximus win 2006 BBC World Challenge
Maximus was selected from a field of 12 finalists and will receive a $20,000 grant for their work. Maximus was selected for their project manufacturing paper from recycled materials, most notably from elephant dung provided by the elephants at the nearby Millennium Elephant Foundation. The company also employs local workers and helps support the MEF financially while promoting elephant welfare worldwide. The MEF is located in the Kegalle region of Sri Lanka and serves as a sanctuary for former working elephants. WSPA provided regular support and expertise to the MEF when the organization was established and expanded from 1999 to 2001 and again stepped in to provide emergency funding for damages caused by the 2005 tsunami.

In Recognition of World Animal Week - Stars Sign WSPA’s Animals Matter to Me Petition
Whether providing comfort and companionship in our homes or supplying crucial labor to support families in need, animals matter to each one of us. People are urged to take action by fundraising for animal welfare, making a donation, volunteering their time, or simply giving their pets some extra attention. If adopted, it will be the first international agreement recognizing that animals are capable of experiencing pain and suffering and that their welfare should be respected. Kristin and the other celebrity supporters are joining the world’s largest animal welfare network – WSPA works with over 1,000 animal welfare groups in more than150 countries to protect animals and alleviate their suffering.

WSPA helps Nicaragua enact strict animal welfare laws
WSPA hails the introduction of this far-reaching animal welfare legislation in the 7-million strong nation in Central America. Although the practice is not as commonplace in Nicaragua as it is in other parts of the world, it forms a traditional part of annual local celebrations, and so prohibition delivers a major victory for animal welfare supporters. Another far-reaching article of the law bans showing violence against animals on television or in the cinema, except where it is to raise awareness. The law not only prohibits cruelty, it also seeks to increase awareness of animal welfare issues. The road to this significant victory began five years ago, when WSPA and its Nicaraguan member societies began conceiving a new legal instrument that could meet the present needs of animals.

United condemnation of new whaling plans
Together we call for governments to oppose this deal, which could destroy the international ban on commercial whaling. Science confirms that there is no way to hunt a whale at sea without causing acute suffering. An IWC intersessional meeting will take place in Rome next week to discuss the future of the organization, including whether to award a whaling quota to Japan. The proposed deal would grant Japan permission to hunt whales in its coastal waters, in exchange for a ‘scaling back’ of its bogus scientific hunts in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary. This not only gives credibility to the notion of a scientific reason for whaling, it makes coastal whaling acceptable.

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