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Animals Matter to Simon Cowell

March 8, 2010

Boston, MA - Simon Cowell has pledged his support for the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and its campaign to get international recognition for animal welfare.

WSPA hopes that more people will follow Cowell’s lead and tell governments worldwide why animals matter to them - and to the world.

Cowell - who has achieved fame with the American Idol and Got Talent franchises, as well as the X Factor – has turned his attention to his lifelong love of animals and has chosen to lend his weight to the campaign. Finding time in his hectic filming schedule, Simon told WSPA why “animals matter to him” in a video released today at

Cowell explains: "The World Society for Protection of Animals struck a chord with me, as it’s a global charity that recognizes the needs of animals around the world. When I was growing up, we had pets, and I was taught early on that you have to respect animals. I don’t have pets now, simply because I travel too much to take on the responsibility. But owning pets has had an immensely positive impact on my life and I think animals deserve our protection."

The media mogul recently pledged his support for the charity's Universal Declaration for Animal Welfare campaign and is now asking the public to do the same.

Cowell adds, "Right now, there are no international laws to protect animals and The World Society for the Protection of Animals is working to change that. They are calling on governments across the world to embrace a common agreement called the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare. This would recognise that animals can suffer and feel pain and need proper protection.”

Cecily West, Executive Director of WSPA-US said: “WSPA is thrilled to have Mr. Cowell’s support for this critical campaign. By talking about what animals mean to him, he joins a growing community of animal welfarists. We believe his heartfelt video will inspire many other people to stop and think about how animals are treated here in the U.S., and around the world - and also understand that, by adding their signatures, they too can help put an end to animal suffering and cruelty.”

Cowell is eager for people to follow his lead and sign up to campaign: “All you have to do is add your name to the Declaration - I’m encouraging people to sign it and send it to a friend as well. The Universal Declaration will mean so much; it would help governments appreciate the important role that animals play in our lives and in the environment we live in, and so inspire better legislation to protect animals around the world. So please, go to and add your own message of support today."

The WSPA animal welfare community has a diverse range of high profile supporters including Leona Lewis, Dominic Brunt, Mark Charnock, Miranda Richardson, Kristin Davis and Christina Applegate.

As the world’s largest alliance of animal welfare organizations, with at least one member in virtually every country of the world, WSPA is able to work where there is the greatest need to stop animal suffering and cruelty. More at


Media contact:  Rodi Rosensweig for The World Society for the Protection of Animals U.S., Phone: (203) 270-8929, E-mail:

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