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Catalonian Parliament votes to abolish bullfighting in the region

July 28, 2010

Barcelona, Spain: The Catalonian Parliament has today voted in favor of amending the current animal protection legislation to abolish bullfighting in the region. The vote – passed with 68 MPs voting in favor of the ban - is being hailed as a historical victory and a vindication for Catalonian citizens who called on their Parliament to amend the legislation to include bulls in the animal protection law.

The Catalonian assembly debated and then voted in favor of a popular initiative legislative (ILP in Catalan) presented in December 2009 by Prou, a coalition of animal protection organizations and individuals from Catalonia, who had collected over 180,000 signatures supporting the petition to end bullfighting.

At a press conference held immediately after the vote, Prou expressed their satisfaction with the results. “Today has been the day we were hoping for,” said Leonardo Anselmi on behalf of Prou, “The suffering of animals in the Catalonian bullrings has been abolished once and for all. It has created a precedent we hope will be replicated by other democratic Parliaments internationally, in those regions and countries where such cruel bullfights are still allowed.”

Prou spokespeople also highlighted the social movement that the campaign had inspired, in order to catalyze real political change. “The Catalonian animal protection movement has come together and worked with tremendous energy towards this common cause. Prou's campaign mobilized over a thousand activists who gathered more than 180,000 signatures against the suffering that takes place in the bullrings. The result of today’s vote is the perfect culmination of this remarkable effort.”

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