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Together for animals

Puppies cared for by a member society in Bangalore, India

WSPA is dedicated to creating a world where animals matter and animal cruelty has ended. But we cannot achieve our vision alone.

Like you, we want animals to matter to everyone, everywhere. Your support allows us to work with organizations, groups, governments and civil society across the world to help achieve our vision.

With these groups, we run animal welfare projects on the ground, campaign tirelessly, carry out vital research and educate and influence all those who can have an impact on the lives of animals.

Together, we can create a positive lasting change for animals that spans the globe.

To achieve this, collaboration is key. From formal partnerships to simple resource sharing, working with large organizations to specialist groups, we believe that – by working together – we can achieve the best solutions and results for animals, wherever they are.

Diversity is vital. Animals’ needs can no longer afford to be misunderstood or remain unmet. By engaging with those outside the animal welfare world, as well as those within it, we can demonstrate the crucial ties between the welfare of animals and other vital global issues, such as poverty reduction, food security, human health and the environment.

Making it happen. WSPA supports a worldwide movement toward better animal welfare by providing:

  • Online resources and is a public gateway to a wealth of animal welfare information, covering key areas of interest including legislation, enforcement, education and sentience.

  • Opportunities to learn and grow. Our conferences, events and workshops actively involve a wide range of stakeholders and create a unique space to share knowledge, discuss best practices, grow our community and push the animal welfare agenda forward.

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A dog with a WSPA worker in Gujarat, India

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