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Animal-friendly Farming

All over the world, farmers are realizing the advantages of animal-friendly farming - rejecting animal cruelty, they are building their markets and turning a profit with minimal environmental impact. Meet some of the best cared-for farm animals and discover the surprising benefits of animal-friendly farming for our world.


Case studies

Kegg Farm

Raising a New Breed

In rural India, free-range chicken rearing is bringing surprising benefits for people. Find out how animal-friendly farming is helping more than 1 million poor households to improve their incomes.
Korin Farm

Laying Firm Foundations

A pioneering Brazilian company is proving that animal-friendly farming can benefit farmers, as demand for its environmentally-sound and chemical-free produce grows.
White Oak

Meet Georgia's Best-kept Cattle

Discover a farm where treating cows better is far smarter, also providing better quality meat for health-conscious consumers and stable local livelihoods in an unpolluted rural landscape.
Innovative farming in the Netherlands

Innovative Farming in Europe: Beyond Battery Cages

Read about an innovative farming concept in the Netherlands that allows hens to range, explore and stretch their wings. But the benefits don’t stop there. These farms are also helping people and the planet.
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