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Meet Georgia's Best-kept Cattle

Discover a farm where an animal-friendly approach isn't benefiting just the cattle. The surprising side-effects of this humane farm include quality meat for health-conscious American consumers, stable livelihoods for a local workforce and a less-polluted rural landscape.

White Oak Pastures is a ranch in Georgia that rears cattle on pastureland. The first principle of this family-run farm is: Respect the animals and the land. From this foundation, an animal-friendly, environment-friendly and highly-profitable business has grown - and continues to grow.

Natural lives. White Oak Pastures cattle graze and grow naturally in their herd, roaming rich pastures. They will never endure the industrial "feedlots" where so many beef cattle spend their lives packed together and fed unnatural diets of fast-fattening grain.

Secure jobs. Run by the same family for five generations, White Oak Pastures employs a growing workforce of more than 60 people. With no reliance on expensive cattle feed and a high ratio of workers to animals, both animal wellbeing and local livelihoods are in safe hands.

Healthy meat. Its "no hormones, no antibiotics" policy means White Oak Pastures does not add to the worrying growth in antibiotic-resistant bacteria and human immunity to medicines. It's aim is to provide customers with safe, healthy, organic beef. A hungry market for this award-winning produce is met by retailers across the Eastern U.S.

Caretakers of the land. The White Oak Pastures ethos is: "Take care of the land, and the animals and they will take care of you." The large farm range means manure is a fertilizer, not a pollutant, and grazing animals on grass instead of feeding them grain makes this a highly-efficient system in its own right.

This well-run, environmentally- and economically-successful business model proves that animal wellbeing has wide-ranging benefits for animals, people and the planet.

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