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Inhumane culling of dogs

Every year, millions of dogs are needlessly culled in response to the fear of rabies in a misguided effort to stop the spread of this deadly disease.

Mass dog culls are widely used because they are perceived as cheap, easy and effective.  In reality, there is no evidence that the mass culling of dogs works as a method of controlling rabies. 

Scientific evidence demonstrates that the only effective solution is the humane option: mass dog vaccination.
Since 2011, we have been calling for an end to the culling of dogs in response to rabies.

A holistic approach

We support a holistic approach that sees animal and human health as inextricably connected. By addressing rabies in dogs through humane mass dog vaccination we are tackling the primary source of rabies. As rabies decreases in dogs the number of human cases will also fall.

Furthermore, when coupled with our experience of humane dog population management and responsible pet ownership, other conflicts between people and dogs can also be mitigated, creating a co-existence without fear of disease. 

Our work shows how WSPA can be the catalyst for change by:

  • Moving governments around the world to change their policy and practice
  • Challenging people’s acceptance of the inhumane culling of dogs
  • Demonstrating that a humane alternative not only exists, but is actually the only effective method
We are moving the world to protect animals:

  • Across Asia and Africa: supporting integrated programs of mass dog vaccination. In Bali, Bangladesh, The Philippines, Indonesia, China, Kenya and Zanzibar we are collecting the evidence required to demonstrate to those governments that our solution works for both people and animals
  • In Latin America: promoting, through case studies, the success of established programs which place canine vaccination at the heart of humane efforts to control rabies
  • Drawing on central hubs of canine rabies experts and forging strategic global partnerships to find regionally relevant animal welfare solutions

By working with governments and through our global partners, we are proving that mass dog vaccination programs are better for people, animals and economies.

Sharing the science:

Our Ending Inhumane Culling team present campaign developments and share scientific updates at key industry conferences and events. 

These presentations enable us to reach important thought leaders, decision makers and politicians across the globe, thus supporting our humane solutions to end the inhumane culling of dogs. 

Take a look at this infographic sharing our global achievements.

Watch our videos and download our resources to learn more

In the video above, hear from comedian Ricky Gervais. He says “I back WSPA’s campaign, to help end the unnecessary deaths of millions of dogs, killed every year because of our fear of rabies,”

Want to help?

Join WSPA in spreading the word about the importance of choosing mass dog vaccination. Support our work to protect dogs from cruelty and abuse. Donate now>> 

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