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Pinko is now safe from the horror of mass killings


Pinko is just over a year old and recently had her first litter of puppies. The two surviving pups – just like Pinko – are happy in their home, healthy and well-cared for by their owner, Shahida.

But around this time last year, things weren’t so pleasant or safe for dogs in the village. The local authority had contracted workers to poison dogs to death as a way to try and prevent the spread of rabies.

Pinko’s mother was caught in one of the mass killings and fed poisoned meat. Her death was likely agonizing and, worse still, it was completely unnecessary – rabies continued to spread after the killings.

We realized that our dog was missing and I searched for her, calling and calling for three days but she was nowhere to be found. Eventually we found her body and our neighbor told us what had happened to her. He said she’d been fed poisoned meat. We were very upset and we were very sad when we lost her,” says Shahida.

We explained that the local authority had stopped poisoning dogs and, with our help, were vaccinating dogs against this deadly disease. Shahida was pleased to hear that Pinko and her pups would now be safe from both mass killings and rabies.

The vaccination team calmly caught Pinko, very quickly vaccinated her and fitted her with a collar. Then, as Pinko anxiously watched, our Animal Control Officers quickly vaccinated her pups and sprayed them with non-toxic yellow paint – puppies of their age are far too young for collars.

The neighbors always tell me that I will get in trouble for keeping pet dogs but we love them. Pinko is a good dog and she never bites, just plays, and we feel safer as she protects our home.”

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