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Faroese Islanders slaughter record number of pilot whales in 2010 - related articles

2010: A year of animal achievements

With 2010 coming to an end, WSPA would like to thank its donors and advocates for their ongoing support and dedication to helping animals.

65,000 dogs saved in Bali

Veterinary teams have vaccinated more than 40,000 dogs against rabies in Bali, saving more than 65,000 from government culls.

A boost for black bear rescue in Tennessee

Over the past couple of years, WSPA has been carrying out in depth organizational development for some of our partner organizations around the world to help them become more effective and sustainable. In the US, WSPA has been working with member society Appalachian Bear Rescue (ABR), an American black bear rehabilitation and education organization, located just outside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

A new bear at Balkasar

Chowti, an Asiatic black bear, was tied up and attacked by dogs who bit and mauled her while people watched for entertainment. For her, it was just another bear baiting event, forced upon her by her owner. Luckily, this one would be her last.

Animal aid reaches Haiti

WSPA and the ARCH team arrived in Haiti over the weekend, to aid animals affected by the devastating earthquake.

Animal groups pledge $1.1M dollars for long-term animal relief efforts in Haiti

The Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti (ARCH) announced a $1.1 million-dollar agreement with the Haitian government aimed at improving animal welfare conditions and repairing the country’s damaged veterinary capacity in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of January 12.

Animals Matter to Broadway Star John Tartaglia

Tony Award Nominated actor, puppeteer, producer, writer joins Simon Cowell, Ricky Gervais, Leona Lewis and others to support WSPA’s “Animals Matter to Me” campaign

Animals Matter to India

India joins the campaign for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW).

Animals Matter to Tiffani Thiessen and Audrey Landers

Actresses join Simon Cowell and Leona Lewis to support WSPA’s “Animals Matter to Me” Campaign

Appalling new footage shows cruelty of Norwegian whaling

New footage gathered by WSPA shows the brutal reality of whaling in Norway, and demonstrates why the international ban on commercial whaling must not be lifted. Act now: we have 24 hours to register our demand to stop this cruel and unnecessary practice.

ARCH Leads Animal Welfare Efforts and Accomplishments in Haiti

Thanks to the generous donations from WSPA supporters, our disaster management team – as part of the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti (ARCH) – has made great strides in providing disaster relief to the animals and people of Haiti during the past six months.

Balkasar open for bears: Pakistan’s new WSPA-funded bear sanctuary

A new WSPA-funded sanctuary to house Pakistan’s remaining baiting bears has now officially opened.

Balkasar’s newest resident enjoys first taste of freedom

Chowti, the blind bear who was recently rescued from a life of bear baiting, has taken her first steps in a new life without cruelty

Boston Joins Worldwide Protest of Japan’s Dolphin Slaughter

Supporters of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS), Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition (MARC) and Cetacean Society International (CSI) will today join the 6th annual international protest to denounce Japan’s dolphin slaughter during “Japan Dolphin Day”.

Bravo! Latin American nations back animals

With the exciting news that Bolivia and Nicaragua are supporting a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare, we hope to see enthusiasm for this initiative snowball in the region, marking real change for animals.

California Residents: Help End the Sale of Illegal Whale Meat in Japan

Despite the 1986 ban on commercial whaling adopted by the International Whaling Commission (IWC), Japan continues to hunt hundreds of whales annually under its so-called “scientific” whaling program – and then sells the meat for commercial profit.

Catalonia makes history by banning bullfights

Today’s vote to ban bullfighting in Catalonia is a momentous victory for the global animal welfare movement and marks a clear shift in attitudes towards cruel ‘sports’.

Dallas Cowboy Igor Olshansky partners with WSPA to tackle animal cruelty

Defensive End Joins WSPA’s “Animals Matter to Me” Community of More Than 2.2 Million Animal Advocates

Delivering Aid to Animals: WSPA responds to five global disasters in 2010

With nearly 30 years of treating animals in post-disaster situations, WSPA has been involved in some of the world’s most devastating disaster relief efforts - including the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. But, not until this year, have we ever responded to so many large-scale global disasters in such a short timeframe.

Disaster Alert: Help the animal vicitims in Haiti

The world is responding to the disaster in Haiti, and people around the world are coming together to help in any way they can. The animal victims of this disaster will desperately need help too, and animal welfare groups are joining forces to come to their aid.

Dr Gus Thornton, a former WSPA president, has died following a long illness

He grew up and went to veterinary school in Oklahoma, USA. Through his work for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA), he helped WSPA set up its first office and later served two years as WSPA President.

Going the distance for transported animals

As we enter a new phase in our campaign to end live exports, join us in celebrating the successes of the Handle with Care campaign and in looking to a future of determined action against the cruelty of long distance transport.

Haiti Update: ARCH in Action

The Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti, a join initiative led by WSPA and IFAW, has been working hard to protect Haiti’s vulnerable animals. Click through for a slideshow of their efforts so far.

Haiti: A Six-Month Update

Thanks to the generous donations from WSPA supporters, our disaster management team – as part of the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti (ARCH) – has made great strides in providing disaster relief to the animals and people of Haiti during the past six months.

Haitian government requests WSPA aid

In the aftermath of the worst natural disaster in recent history, the Haitian government has asked WSPA to lead a team of experts to provide aid to stricken animals.

Holiday Cruelty: WSPA Investigation Exposes Reindeer Mistreatment

A WSPA investigation has revealed that one of the holiday’s most popular symbols – the reindeer – is being subjected to immense suffering in large-scale round-ups and slaughter in Sweden and Finland.

How to shop fur-free this holiday season

Faux fur has no guarantee of being cruelty-free. As faux fur becomes more realistic-looking and real fur becomes harder to identify – because of increased use of dyes – WSPA has identified a few ways in which consumers can tell the difference between the two.

International star Leona Lewis stars in new WSPA ad

Today, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) unveiled a new advertisement featuring singer and animal lover Leona Lewis supporting the organization’s bear sanctuary work.

IWC proposal could harpoon commercial whaling ban

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) has published a proposal which could destroy the 24-year ban on commercial whaling. The plan, based on a deal being championed by the US, would give the green light to Japan, Norway and Iceland to cruelly slaughter almost 1,400 whales next year, and close to 13,000 over the next ten years.

Make some noise for World Animal Week!

World Animal Week (October 4-10) is here, and we can't wait to celebrate, WSPA-style!

Mass vaccination of dogs essential

WSPA offers support to Bali to introduce dog vaccination as a humane alternative to culling to stop the spread of rabies.

New Report from Vietnam Exposes Ongoing use of Bear Bile

A newly-released report, compiled by WSPA’s Vietnamese member society, Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV), reveals that a shocking 22.5% of people surveyed in Hanoi had used bear bile in the last two years, despite the 1994 official ban on the product.

New WSPA iPhone app puts humane food options in the hands of consumers

Trying to find humane food at your local grocery store or restaurant? There’s an app for that.

No to damaging whaling deals

WSPA prepares for a special make-or-break meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC).

Orca attacks SeaWorld trainer

A killer whale has killed its trainer revealing the serious welfare risk to both people and animals for the sake of entertainment. WSPA urges you not to visit marine mammals in captivity and instead help them flourish in the wild.

Outrage against Norway’s whaling: Over 101,000 people call for an end to cruelty

Over 101,000 people from more than 120 countries have signed WSPA’s open letter calling on Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg to end the country’s cruel commercial whaling. This is the largest public outcry against Norway’s whaling since it resumed in 1993.

Participate in Fur Free Friday

Worldwide events to protest against the fur industry and the one billion animals killed annually by the industry are being held on Friday 26th November

Ricky Gervais Partners with WSPA to End Bullfighting

Today, actor, producer and writer Ricky Gervais has partnered with the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) to call for an end to the cruel practice of bullfighting, and urge tourists to stop supporting such brutality on their travels.

Romania’s 52nd bear is rescued

On August 25, the Romanian Police and members of the Environment Guard rescued a bear cub from a village guesthouse near Fagaras. They have safely moved him to the Zarnesti bear sanctuary, where he will now live alongside five other young bears.

Saving strays in Sierra Leone

Mark Whitfield, a British paramedic and mechanic is taking a mobile clinic to Sierra Leone to save stray dogs from a life of cruelty and neglect.

September brings hope and despair for dolphins

A New Zealand government official recently made a statement opposing dolphinariums and committing to changing the country’s legislation to ban these facilities for good.

Sir Paul McCartney says the cruel slaughter of whales must end

Sir Paul McCartney has joined the global battle to save whales and the whaling ban.

Sit, Stay and Roll over Laughing for WSPA

Comedian Claude Stuart assembles “Animals of Comedy” show to benefit WSPA

South Korean government to consider ending bear farming

On September 15, the South Korean government began a historic process that could end bear farming in the country.

The Bolivian drought: bringing water aid to animals in need

This year, the Bolivian region of El Chaco has faced its driest summer in 20 years. The prolonged drought has caused a water shortage that is affecting poor people and animals throughout the region. Bringing aid to animals in the most affected parts of El Chaco, WSPA is funding an operation that will provide water to small livestock holders – who rely on the animals for income – twice a day, for two months. An estimated total of 9,000 animals will benefit from this help.

The whales granted a reprieve at the International Whaling Commission

The IWC has postponed its vote on a deal that could have lifted the international ban on whaling

Three surviving bears rescued from Pakistan floods

BRC staff launched heroic rescues over the weekend, saving three of the 23 bears that were feared dead as Kund Park was submerged in the floods last week.

Tiffani Thiessen teams with WSPA to educate consumers on choosing humane foods

Actress Tiffani Thiessen, star of the TV series “White Collar,” has taped a 30-second public service announcement (PSA) for WSPA to educate the public about reading labels on meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products to see which ones signify that animals were raised humanely. The PSA is running on both cable and network television stations across the U.S. market.

Tragedy strikes Kund Park sanctuary

The floods in Pakistan, caused by what is being described as the ‘heaviest monsoon flooding since 1929’, have resulted in severe damage at the WSPA-funded Kund Park bear sanctuary.

Tragic day for humpback whales

The IWC has buckled under pressure, giving Greenland permission to kill 9 humpback whales each year

Urge President Obama to protect whales, not whaling

This March, members of an International Whaling Commission (IWC) working group met to discuss the future of the commission, including a deal that would reinstate commercial whaling and spell disaster for whales. WSPA is adamantly opposed to this deal and fighting to save the ban on commercial whaling.

Way to Go, Ohio!

Last month, we asked for our supporters’ help with collecting 600,000 signatures to support a citizen-backed ballot measure to protect farm animals in Ohio.

Whale welfare put on the table at the IWC

Animal welfare was put firmly on the table at this year’s meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC). Championed by the UK delegation and further highlighted by Norwegian animal groups, the concern for whale welfare was met with great support.

What is culling?

You may ask yourself, “What is culling!?” Last week, we hit the streets here in Boston to ask just that.

World against Whaling: WSPA demonstrates global opposition to whaling at the IWC

With the IWC negotiations taking place behind closed doors, WSPA today was joined by the Australian Minister for Environmental Protection, Peter Garrett, to demonstrate the global opposition to whaling.

WSPA endorses campaign to protect animals in Arizona

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has endorsed the “No on 109” campaign to help protect animals in Arizona. This campaign has received support from animal welfare, wildlife conservation, and environmental groups, and local businesses; it urges Arizonans to vote “No” on Proposition 109 (Prop. 109), which will appear on Arizona’s ballot on Nov. 2.

WSPA endorses historic Ohio initiative for farm animals

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has endorsed a citizen-backed ballot initiative being promoted by Ohioans for Humane Farms - a coalition of animal protection organizations, veterinarians, family farmers, food safety and environmental advocates - to help end some of the cruelest factory farming practices in the state of Ohio.

WSPA Hails New ISO Standard as First to Promote Animal Welfare

The International Organization for Standardization has just announced the launch of ISO Standard 26000 for all organizations, acknowledging animal welfare as integral to social responsibility.

WSPA hands over 140,000 signatures to the Catalonian Parliament

WSPA has handed over a letter expressing international support for the ILP in Catalonia, to Ernest Benach, the President of the Catalonian Parliament. The letter has been signed by over 140,000 supporters from 120 countries, calling for an end to bullfighting in Catalonia.

WSPA helps Nicaragua enact strict animal welfare laws

On December 2nd 2010, Members of Nicaragua’s National Assembly voted near unanimously to pass a law that includes some of the most stringent measures in animal welfare legislation in the world.

WSPA launches new website to educate Traditional Asian Medicine users on bear farming

More than 12,000 endangered Asiatic black bears are cruelly confined in bear farms, facilities at which many are kept in tiny cages and their bile is regularly extracted and sold for use in Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM). Farmed bears show extremely high levels of stereotypic (repetitive) behavior such as bar biting, rocking, and rubbing against the bars of the cage. They have also been witnessed to have sores, injuries, diseases and other health problems related to confinement.

WSPA Opposes the Approval of Genetically Engineered Salmon

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has joined a number of animal protection organizations to oppose the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) potential approval of genetically engineered (GE) salmon, also named AquAdvantage salmon, for human consumption.

WSPA partners with Sphere India to help the animals of Kashmir survive the winter

WSPA was recently approached by Sphere India, a national coalition of humanitarian agencies working in India, and asked to contribute our animal welfare expertise and leadership following flash flooding and mud slides in Kashmir which have affected more than 23 villages that depend on nearly 14,000 animals for their livelihoods.

WSPA Report Reveals Plight of Captive Dolphins in Holiday Hotspots

Throughout Mexico and the Dominican Republic, holiday meccas for North American and European tourists, a bleak picture of life for the dolphins in captivity has been uncovered by a new WSPA report.

WSPA responds to flooding in Costa Rica

When Hurricane Frank hit a low pressure belt in Costa Rica in November, there were terrible floods. Watch this video to see how WSPA teams worked with local authorities to treat and feed the surviving animals.

WSPA supports campaign to protect dogs in Missouri

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) supports the “YES! on Prop. B” campaign, an initiative endorsed by a coalition of numerous individuals and organizations that urges Missouri citizens to vote “YES” on ballot proposition B (Prop. B) and protect dogs throughout the state. Prop. B, also known as the “Puppy Mill Initiative,” will appear on Missouri’s ballot on Nov. 2.

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