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Be fur free: a consumer guide - related articles

Animal friendly travel

Being a compassionate traveler means making a difference to animal welfare wherever you are

Does 'ethical' or 'green' fur exist?

No. WSPA is opposed to the farming of animals specifically for their fur or skins. It is morally indefensible to subject animals to suffering and death for trivial and non-essential luxury goods.

Farm life: miserable and fraught with intense suffering

In the name of ensuring a healthy profit for fur farmers, millions of animals are forced to endure the most profound indifference to their suffering and most basic needs every year.

How to report cruelty to animals

How to report animal cruelty here in the U.S., and while traveling abroad.

Ten More Ways You Can Help Animals

Even more ways to help animals

Ten Ways You Can Help Animals

Learn more about ways you can help make the world a better place for animals.

The power of consumers

When shopping for food, your decisions can make a real difference to animals.

WSPA's investigation into the global fur trade

It is estimated that fur farms produce 85 percent of fur in the world. Every year, an estimated 60 million mink and 6.5 million foxes are killed on fur farms alone. If rabbits are included, the number of animals killed every year solely for their fur may far exceed one billion.

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Protect wild bears

Support WSPA's campaign to end bear farming

An Asiatic Black Bear in the wild