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Bears to begin new lives in Romanian forest sanctuary - related articles

A call on the Romanian Government to freeze 'stray-killing' law

Today, we regretfully heard the news that the Romanian Constitutional Court is upholding the “stray-killing” law, consigning thousands of stray dogs to death after 14 days of detention in public dog pounds.

A lifeline for seals

We have long protested the mass clubbing of seals for fur and other products as inhumane, so last week’s World Trade Organization ruling that the European Union can ban the import and sale of seal products for “moral” reasons is a real victory for animals.

A step closer to getting animals in disasters on the UN global agenda

Along with the Mission of Ecuador to UN, we co-hosted a successful breakfast meeting with representatives of United Nations Member States and Agencies bringing us one step closer to getting animals in disasters included on the UN global agenda.

Animals in disaster must not be an ‘afterthought’ WSPA tells the United Nations

WSPA and the Mexican Government will be co-hosting an event at the United National to discuss animals in disaster

Animals listed as a top priority on the UN’s global survey

Earlier this year, the United Nations launched their global online MY World survey asking people around the world to vote on the issues that matter the most to them. So far, thanks to the help of thousands of animal-lovers worldwide, the great news is that 'animals' are being listed as one of the top priorities.

Another bear finds sanctuary in Romanian forest

More good news, another bear has been re-homed to the WSPA-funded Zarnesti sanctuary in Romania.

Another three bears saved from bear baiting in Pakistan

Three Asiatic black bears used for the cruel sport of bear baiting have been handed over for a new life in the WSPA-funded sanctuary by their former owners in the Punjab province, Pakistan.

Bolivian drought intervention to benefit more than 50,000 animals

Our Disaster Animal Response Team has travelled to Pelechuco district in La Paz province, Bolivia, to support communities affected by severe drought.

Cayman Government welcomes turtle talks

WSPA has held encouraging meetings with members of the Caribbean Island’s newly elected Government.


'Scientific Report' issued from CTF lacks credibility and cannot serve as basis for the dialogue

Civet coffee concerns gain ground

Since the BBC and WSPA first brought the shocking truth behind Kopi Luwak, or civet coffee, to mainstream attention around the world in September, our campaign has had a great start with a number of retailers withdrawing the sale of civet coffee from their shelves.

Collars not Cruelty success in China

Through our Collars Not Cruelty pilot program in China, we have vaccinated over 70% of the dog population in the three areas where we are working. Meet some of the dogs and their owners.

Cyclone Phailin: disaster relief for animals and communities in Odisha state, India

Cyclone Phailin, a Category 5 cyclone, has hit the eastern coastline of India, with Odisha state particularly at risk. At one thousand miles long, it poses a huge threat to animals and the communities that care for them.

Disaster preparedness saves lives - Cyclone Phailin

Last week, a category 5 cyclone was predicted to devastate India's eastern coastline. Tragically lives were lost, but comparatively speaking the death toll was far lower than expected.

Disaster response on the Prinzapolka River

Last month, our disaster response teams began working with communities in the North Atlantic Autonomous region (RAAN) of Nicaragua, following a series of tropical storms.

Documents Reveal Knowledge of Sea Turtle Cruelty

A new document indicates that popular attraction Cayman Turtle Farm, or CTF, has had knowledge of animal health and endangerment problems on their property for more than six months, despite denials as recently as late 2012.

Elephant-friendly tour operators announced in the Netherlands

Great news for elephants on World Elephant Day! Several key Dutch tour operators have announced that they will no longer offer elephant rides and shows with travel packages.

Freedom for bears in Pakistan

Himalayan brown bear Lucia, meaning ‘light’, has her nose ring and ropes removed by the veterinary team on arrival at Balkasar sanctuary.

Helping dogs and communities in the Philippines

During World Rabies Day this year, on September 28, our team was in the Philippines working with our local partners to deliver mass dog vaccinations as part of our Collars Not Cruelty campaign.

Holiday round-up from our Executive Director

Thanks to you, 2013 has been a year of delivering important change for millions of animals across the globe. Read this round-up of our successes for animals from our Executive Director, Anne Lieberman.

India leads Asia with strategy to protect animals during disasters

India is taking ground-breaking action to help safeguard the hundreds of thousands of animals and the millions of people who are affected each year by disasters.

Marking a great milestone for European cows

The campaign for Supporting Better Dairy in Europe is celebrating! Thanks to our supporters we’ve achieved a whopping 293,511 signatures in support of improving dairy cow welfare.

New efforts to continue fight against rabies

It’s World Rabies Day and together with the Global Alliance for Rabies Control we are delighted to announce the signing of a global memorandum of understanding (MOU) to complement efforts to combat rabies across the world.

New Report on Farm Animal Welfare

Mike Baker, WSPA CEO, helped to launch the ground-breaking Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW) report at an investor event in London this week.

New research supports animal welfare concern for Cayman Farm sea turtles

We are saddened to hear that a high proportion of turtles housed in the Cayman Island’s only Turtle Farm are still exhibiting signs of injury, disease and other abnormalities resulting from with intensive farming practices.

New WSPA and CIWF briefing looks at farm animal welfare and human health

WSPA and CIWF release new briefing on human health and animal welfare.

No turtle release but Cayman Turtle Farm conservation concerns remain

Every year, the Cayman Turtle Farm releases a handful of baby turtles into the wild in celebration of Pirates Week festival. The news that this year’s release has been cancelled is therefore a victory for turtles and a source of hope that things are beginning to improve at the Farm.

Partnership with the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association set to launch new animal welfare curriculum for students

The Ministry of Education in China has announced that it will be instating animal welfare and protection as a core higher education course for animal medical science students.

Paul McCartney puts WSPA ‘Out There’

Sir Paul McCartney shows his support by promoting WSPA in the lavish brochure for his current, wildly successful, Out There tour.

Protecting animals through the next generation of vets

We are celebrating! It’s the 10th year of our education work and we’re marking it by releasing the 3rd edition of its Concepts in Animal Welfare tool.

Reflections from the Philippines: diary of WSPA disaster response team member

In November 2013, entire communities in the Philippines were devastated by ‘super’ Typhoon Haiyan. Thanks to your incredible support, our Disaster Response Team was immediately on the ground helping the affected animals and their communities. James Sawyer, a member of our Disaster team shares his reflections on his time in the Philippines.

Revisiting the communities helped in Mongolia's 2010 disaster

What is the impact of a disaster on animals and the communities that care for them? Scott Cantin revisits Dundgovi, Mongolia, to learn more

Setting the benchmark: 2013’s top farm animal welfare European businesses

The second Business Benchmark report on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW) is encouraging higher farm animal welfare standards across the food industry.

Small steps fail to protect turtles at Cayman Turtle Farm

After initial hopes that the Cayman Turtle Farm would make meaningful changes to the distressing conditions in which sea turtles are kept, WSPA is disappointed to report that little action has been taken.

Tourists Handling Captive Sea turtles Face Health Risks

Independent, peer-reviewed journal finds diseases, warns of health concerns

Typhoon Haiyan: Animals urgently need your help

Our Disaster Response Team is in the Philippines working with key partner organisations to assess and coordinate the needs of animals and their owners impacted by Typhoon Haiyan. But we need your help.

Typhoon Haiyan: What you are helping us achieve

Our disaster response team have put together a short film to thank you for the work that's only been possible with your support.

Uniting against bullfighting: A letter to the Spanish senate

We met with Spanish senators to hand in a letter signed by more than 100 animal welfare organizations from 29 countries.

Update on Bullfighting Action

Contact the Spanish Ambassador to the United States and ask him to speak out against legal protection for bullfighting.

Whale-rescue workshop delivers life-saving training in Ecuador

Whales entangled in fishing gear off the Ecuadorian coast have a brighter future thanks to a rescue-training workshop that we helped support.

What does World Humanitarian Day mean to animals?

Happy World Humanitarian Day! At WSPA, we know that the lives and welfare of animals and humans are inextricably linked.

Where have all the cows gone? The impact of industrialization on animal welfare and farmers

Across Europe, the continued growth of non-grazing farming methods is causing cows to vanish from the landscape.

Working in partnership in China to promote our proven canine rabies solution

We have launched our Collars Not Cruelty program in China to prevent culling due to the fear of rabies.

World’s oldest bear dies in WSPA designed sanctuary

Andreas, a 50 year old European brown bear, has passed away. He was one of the last dancing bears to be used for entertainment in Greece.

WSPA Calls for Australia to Stop Shipment of Livestock

Australia has halted the live export of cattle to Egypt as shocking footage of animal cruelty in Egyptian slaughterhouses has emerged.

WSPA calls on South Korea’s MPs to forge ahead with plans to end exploitation of bears for bile

11 June 2013 (Republic of Korea) — The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and Green Korea United (GKU) have today urged MPs across South Korea to support a historic parliamentary bill that will see an end to the breeding of ‘bile bears’ and also propose a plan to close the country’s 53 bear bile facilities.

WSPA celebrates Animal-friendly culture in Mexico

WSPA celebrates Animal-friendly culture in Mexico as three new cities in Mexico ban bullfighting

WSPA Congratulates New York Legislature on Major Step for Marine Animal Welfare

Once signed, legislation will be the largest ban on the trade of shark fins outside Asia.

WSPA joins other leading animal welfare organizations to oppose bullfighting

WSPA joins other leading animal welfare organizations outside the Spanish Embassy in London to oppose proposed legislation that will protect bullfighting under the status of 'cultural heritage'.

WSPA joins the Sustainable Food Lab

WSPA joins the Sustainable Food Laboratory (SFL) as part of efforts to collaborate with businesses and mainstream animal welfare into sustainability.

WSPA partners with Humane Society International to protect sea turtles

The World Society for the Protection of Animals is happy to announce a partnership with Humane Society International (HIS) to make a stand against the Cayman Turtle Farm (CTF), and for true conservation and welfare of an endangered species.

WSPA rallies against Romania stray dog cull

Tragic fatal mauling of child highlights ongoing Romanian stray dog issues, but inhumane culls will not fix the problem.

WSPA responds to animal welfare needs after flooding in Nicaragua and in northern India

Find out how our we are responding after animals are affected by flooding in Nicaragua and in northern India.

WSPA’s disaster team responds to super typhoon Haiyan

Following the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan, WSPA’s Disaster Assessment Response Team is deploying to the Philippines to help the thousands of affected animals and their communities.

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