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Japan Dolphin Day: a spotlight on large-scale suffering - related articles

$25 million offered for non-surgical sterilization for dogs and cats

Billionaire surgeon, entrepreneur and inventor Dr. Gary Michelson recently announced that he is offering $25 million to the person or group who can come up with a safe, non-surgical, single dose sterilization method for male and female cats and dogs.

‘Ethical’ fur exposed: the case for a fur-free Christmas

A film has exposed the horrifying extent of animal suffering in Norway’s fur farms, providing a timely reminder of the true cost of fur and fur-trims for all seasonal shoppers.

‘Tis the season to stop whaling!

WSPA and members of the Whalewatch network delivered a super-sized Christmas and New Year card to the governments of Japan, Norway and Iceland with the message: ‘tis the season to stop whaling for good!

A convert from cruelty: former baiter gives up last bear

WSPA member society the Bioresource Research Center of Pakistan has seen its persistence pay off again this month, as a former bear baiter gave his last remaining bear the chance of a better life at the Kund Park sanctuary.

A helping hand for horses and donkeys

A recent WSPA grant is helping the Gambian Horse and Donkey Trust (GHDT) provide college-level training to combat the lack of local animal welfare knowledge and education that results in suffering for hardworking equines.

A symbol of hope: protecting Myanmar’s animals

Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar in May 2008, causing nearly 85,000 human fatalities. It also destroyed large areas of the Ayeyarwady Delta region and wiped out an estimated 48 million animals, becoming the worst natural disaster in the country's recorded history.

Animal recovery continues in Myanmar

An update from the WSPA DART team, which remains in Myanmar delivering aid and working to improve the health of animals that survived Cyclone Nargis.

Animal relief reaches Cuba

A second shipment of veterinary supplies and drugs reached Cuba yesterday, met by one of WSPA’s experienced vets. Work can now begin to treat and protect thousands of suffering animals.

Animal welfare on the agenda for developing countries

November 11 2008: The G77 hosted their first ambassador-level briefing on animal welfare and how it impacts on human livelihoods. WSPA provided the briefing.

Animals Matter campaign goes from strength to strength

The Cambodian government, Animal Welfare Board of India, and Australian Veterinary Association are all calling for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare.

Anti- and pro-bullfighting groups go head to head in Europe

Update: As a result of last week's successful anti-bullfighting activity in the EU parliament, 95 MEPs and over 1,000 parliament staff signed petitions against bullfighting.

Battle against bullfighting gains ground

The international campaign against bullfighting gained momentum in South America in November, with the ‘cultural’ argument for bullfighting taking a battering.

Battling Bolivia's Floods

WSPA and member society Animales S.O.S. are feeding thousands of animals left stranded during increasingly severe floods in Bolivia which began late last year.

Bears escape cruel ‘dancing’ destiny

Four sloth bears were rescued from a life spent ‘dancing’ by authorities in Nepal last week, acting on information provided by WSPA member society the Wildlife Trust of India.

Blind bears start new lives in world’s largest bear sanctuary

Two blind bears that spent their lives in tiny, rusting cages found new homes in the woodland enclosures of the world’s biggest bear sanctuary last week, funded by WSPA.

Brazilian ministry backs animal welfare

This week Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supplies made a leap forward for animal wellbeing by stating official support for the development of a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare.

Challenge to Greenland’s whaling claims

An undercover investigation conducted by WSPA has found evidence to challenge the myth that Greenland’s whaling is exclusively for aboriginal subsistence purposes. Watch undercover footage here.

Costa Rican seas safe for whales and dolphins

WSPA welcomes the news that the President of Costa Rica has signed a decree which declares the sea around the country a protected area for whales and dolphins.

Cruel pig competition loses support

Thanks to WSPA supporters and member society EAST, funding has been withdrawn from a cruel weight-based competition that ends with the inhumane slaughter of hundreds of pigs every year.

Dying to entertain you

A dolphin has died during a live stunt show at Discovery Cove, Florida, proving once again that captivity is never acceptable for these intelligent mammals.

Egypt hosts meeting on animal transport

A conference in Cairo has explored the relationship between Islam, animal welfare, and the long distance transport of animals for slaughter, putting a spotlight on this cruel and unnecessary trade.

Election day brings two critical victories for animals in the United States

On November 4th voters across the United States turned up in record numbers to make their voices heard for the Presidential election as well as for many crucial state and local initiatives.

Emergency aid reaches animals in worst hit region of Myanmar

On Saturday May 31 the WSPA disaster assessment and response team (DART) entered Myanmar’s Irrawaddy Delta, the low-lying region hardest hit by Cyclone Nargis.

Emergency help for Bihar’s stranded communities

WSPA Asia’s disaster assessment and response team is on the ground in the flood-stricken Bihar region of India, with further specialist veterinary help and medicine on its way.

Experts turn out for farm animal welfare in China

In April, world-renowned animal welfare experts traveled to China to take part in a landmark conference on farm animal welfare.

FDA approves products from cloned animals

After recommending a voluntary moratorium in 2001, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced this week that it has deemed cloned animals “safe to eat” after seven years of study.

Fears for welfare of Korean dogs

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is proposing that dogs in Korea should be re-categorized as livestock, which would give the dog meat trade in South Korea legal status.

Fiji stands up for a world where animals matter

Fiji has joined a growing list of governments putting the spotlight on how we care for animals by supporting a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare.

Four bears saved in latest local network success

WSPA member society Bioresource Research Centre in Pakistan has rescued four bears from being used in brutal bear baiting events.

From the field: updates on disaster management

Despite the cyclone season nearing its end, WSPA’s disaster assessment and response teams remain busy across Asia and the Caribbean. Find out more >>

Head of State is millionth UDAW supporter

Costa Rican President and Nobel Lauriat, Oscar Arias Sánchez, is the official one millionth signatory to the petition for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare.

Honorary Vice President of WSPA dies at 85

WSPA's Honorary Vice President, Murdaugh Madden, died in Washington, DC on January 13, 2008 at the age of 85.

Inhumane dog cull in India – Take action

Inhumane dog culling is continuing in Kerala in an alleged attempt to control rabies. Citizens For Animals and WSPA member society Animal Rescue Kerala have joined forces to draw attention to this cruelty.

Join the campaign against horse fighting

WSPA is supporting Network for Animals’ campaign against horse fighting by writing to the Philippine Bureau of Animal Welfare.

Kenyan animal welfare network prevents showcase of cruelty

A Kenyan form of bullfighting, in which two bulls are encouraged to fight, was prevented from taking place in Nairobi by a network of animal welfare groups.

Landmark animal aid bound for Cuba

WSPA’s disaster assessment and response team will deliver US$100,000 of coordinated veterinary aid in Cuba next week. This emergency relief is desperately needed – the country was devastated during hurricane season.

Local networking saves bears from cruel contest

WSPA member society the Bioresource Research Centre Pakistan saved two bears by prevented a bear baiting event in February 2008.

Member society’s dedication saves cubs from bear baiting

WSPA member society Bioresource Research Center has worked with Pakistan's wildlife authorities to carry out a daring bear cub confiscation.

Myanmar's parallel disaster

WSPA today predicted that the parallel impact of the Myanmar disaster on animals and the subsequent affect on people will be catastrophic.

New Animal Welfare Syllabus

WSPA has re-launched its internationally respected Concepts in Animal Welfare education programme, aimed at veterinary students all over the world.

New facility offers special care for baited bears

An up-to-date clinic made possible by a generous supporter is now enabling staff at a WSPA-funded sanctuary in Pakistan to give rescued bears the very best care and treatment.

New, comprehensive text on long distance transport launched

Long Distance Transport and Welfare of Farm Animals was launched at the 76th General Session of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).

Promoting animal welfare, protecting human health

WSPA and the Pan American Health Organization are working towards better care for animals, which can help prevent the development of diseases affecting humans.

Proposed NATURALLY RAISED label falls short

WSPA recently submitted public comments in response to a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) proposal to create a new "naturally raised" marketing claim for use on animal products.

Protest against the suffering of Spanish bulls

A public protest met the start of Catalonia's bullfighting season, which signals the slaughter of over a hundred bulls each year.

Regional winners announced in anti-fur design competition

Design Against Fur is a poster competition for students, held every year by the Fur Free Alliance. WSPA is a member of the Alliance, which campaigns to bring an end to the killing of animals for their fur.

Spring brings bloody waters in Norway - the whaling season has started

Norwegian whalers yesterday made the first kill of the season: a calf. Though the majority of Norwegians are against the cruelty inflicted by whaling, Norwegian whalers are set to kill 1,052 whales in the hunts that started on Wednesday morning.

Successful pilot leads to five-year stray dog project

A WSPA-funded program created to manage Colombo’s large stray dog population was officially launched in a participating community yesterday.

Sweden and New Zealand: leaders in animal welfare

Two governments have made the same significant decision: to recognize the global importance of animals by supporting a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare.

Taiwan to ban live bird markets

WSPA and member society EAST welcome the government of Taiwan's public confirmation that a ban on live bird markets will come into effect in April 2008.

Take action for dolphins

Urge the Singapore government not to support the cruel practice of capturing wild dolphins to keep them in captivity.

Thousands of horses to benefit from new clinic

WSPA and member society El Refugio have opened a clinic to help the overloaded and overworked horses of Colombia’s capital.

UDAW endorsed by American Veterinary Medical Association

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) announced its support, in concept, for the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW) last week, joining more than 20 other national and international veterinary groups in doing so.

UN holds landmark first meeting on animal welfare

WSPA made recommendations at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization's first ever meeting dedicated to discussing the implementation of good animal welfare practices on Monday, September 29.

Update from Borneo: Peanut and Pickle

When Lone Dröscher Nielsen first saw Peanut, the little orangutan was so small that Lone - the founder and manager of the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Sanctuary - had no hesitation in choosing a name for her.

Urgent help needed for animals that cyclone survivors depend on

An emergency veterinary team is on stand-by in Thailand, awaiting approval to enter cyclone struck Myanmar (Burma)

World Rabies Day: Time for humane solutions

Rabies, though preventable, kills 55,000 people and countless dogs every year. Often, governments respond by shooting or poisoning dogs. On 28 September, WSPA will be raising awareness about more humane solutions.

WSPA 2008 Achievements

Read about WSPA's 2008 Achievements for Animals.

WSPA acts as volcano threatens communities and animals

WSPA and member society PAE bring supplies for animals affected by the Tungurahua volcano.

WSPA Board and Advisory Council announced

WSPA welcomed three new Board members at June's annual general meeting: Cecilia Vega Leon (Mexico), Chinny Krishna (India) and Mark Watts (UK).

WSPA counters abandonment of cats in China

In March 2008, WSPA began investigating claims that a mass 'cat cull' was planned in China in advance of the Olympic Games, as was reported in several news sources.

WSPA says art is no excuse for cruelty

In 2007, artist Guillermo Vargas showed an emaciated live dog in an art show. WSPA and the Honduras Association for the Protection of Animals and their Environment have acted to prevent a repetition of this cruelty.

WSPA urges G8 leaders to start serving humane and sustainable farming

Industrial leaders meeting at the G8 summit this week again failed the people hardest hit by the current food crisis, failing to recognize the damage done by factory farming.

WSPA urges rethink on Beijing cat cull

WSPA is deeply concerned by reports that China is culling cats in its capital city in advance of the Olympic Games in August.

WSPA urges Vietnam to stay on track to end bears suffering in bear farms

Update: WSPA met last week with officials from Quang Ninh Provincial Government, urging them to ensure that the bears are placed into a sanctuary and offering our help.

WSPA: Redefining the whaling debate

WSPA is attending the International Whaling Commission's anuual meeting to lobby for a continued ban on commercial whaling on welfare grounds and for a change in IWC focus.

WSPA’s evidence critical in victory for whale welfare

A WSPA investigation has acted to convince commissioners at the International Whaling Commission’s annual meeting to vote ‘no’ to including ten humpbacks in Greenland’s whaling quota.

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