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In Recognition of World Animal Week - Stars Sign WSPA’s Animals Matter to Me Petition - related articles

10 Ways to Help Animals during a Disaster

Disasters, such as tornadoes, earthquakes or hurricanes, can strike at any time, with little or no warning. Without an easy-to-execute plan, families are sometimes forced to choose between their own safety and the safety of their beloved animals. In recognition of World Animal Week, The World Society for the Protection of Animals has put together a few simple, easy, and effective actions you can take to help make a difference for animals when disaster strikes

Act now: Situation remains critical for Egypt’s pigs

Information from Cairo suggests that more than half the pig population has been culled, despite there being no proven link between pigs and swine flu transmission. WSPA fears that brutal culling methods continue.

Animal health critical in devastated rural India

The tornado that hit 11 villages in Orissa State, India, at the end of March uprooted trees and lifted people 30 feet into the air. WSPA’s emergency response team arrived just days later, equipped to help.

Asia Pacific Disaster Update: WSPA responds to animal emergency

The World Society for the Protection of Animals’ (WSPA) disaster response team has been able to relieve the suffering of hundreds of animals caught up in the natural disasters in Asia Pacific through the provision of much needed food and medical care.

Bali’s dogs at risk again

A recent outbreak of rabies on this otherwise idyllic island has seen government authorities rush headlong into a mass elimination program – except they’re focused on eliminating dogs, not rabies.

Be fur free: a consumer guide

The fur industry is responsible for the intense suffering and death of over 100 million animals every year. Animals that die to produce non-essential luxury items include rabbits, foxes, mink, chinchillas, raccoons, seals, wolves, coyotes, squirrels, cats and dogs.

Brutal pig slaughter in Egypt

Egyptian authorities are undertaking an unacceptably cruel assault on the pig population in Cairo. WSPA has written a strong letter to the Prime Minister of Egypt, calling for an end to the mass cull. Learn how you too can take action.

Catalonian parliament edges towards bullfighting ban

A citizens’ advocacy campaign in Catalonia has resulted in local politicians approving a debate on changes to the Catalan Animal Protection Law, extending it to include the bulls and horses used in bullfights.

Costa Rica celebrates first Whale and Dolphin Festival

The Costa Rican Coalition for Whales celebrated the country’s first Whale and Dolphin Festival this month, introducing yet more people to the breathtaking joys of humane whale watching.

Countdown to world’s first bonobo release

From Sunday, WSPA will accompany a group of orphaned bonobos on a historic journey back to the wild. This is the first ever attempt to reintroduce our closest ape relation to their natural habitat.

Crime doesn’t pay: wildlife hotline targets bear bile

A wildlife hotline has tapped into the Vietnamese public's determination to stop the bear bile trade, leading to bears being removed from cruel farms.

Dancing bears: prevention not cure

Having trained over 800 forest department staff in anti-poaching methods, WSPA is focusing on crime-prevention and awareness in our efforts to end bear dancing in India. We aim to ensure cubs never leave their forest homes.

Disaster drill shows preparation pays

A simulated disaster relief operation in Costa Rica has tested years of preparation between WSPA and local agencies, gauging both our ability and the community’s readiness to care for animals if the Turrialba volcano were to erupt.

Disney artist and WSPA celebrate the Caribbean’s whales

Wyland, the Disney artist famous for his giant whale murals, has teamed up with WSPA to create a wall with life-sized whale motifs. The colourful wall will support the Caribbean anti-whaling movement.

Dog cull in Bali: urgent action against cruelty

Bali’s dogs are dying. They urgently need your help. The authorities, in a kneejerk reaction to suspected human rabies cases, are culling dogs – both strays and pets. Please sign our petition.

Duvets: a nightmare for geese

A shocking documentary series has revealed that many duvets are stuffed with down plucked from live geese, causing acute suffering. WSPA is extremely disturbed by this fresh evidence about the down industry.

Egyptian pig cull: update and next steps

More than 28,000 people from over 120 countries joined WSPA in speaking out against the brutal treatment of pigs in Egypt. Sadly, the cull is now complete, but our work on animal welfare in Egypt continues.

Emergency help for Gaza’s vital working animals

WSPA is funding over US$10,000 of veterinary supplies to assist the Palestine Wildlife Society as they respond to the current conflict’s brutal effects on working and companion animals.

Emergency relief for Bihar’s flood-stricken animals

WSPA Asia’s disaster management team is currently in Bihar, North East India, treating animals that have been rendered temporarily homeless by recent floods in the area.

European Commission acknowledges need to handle with care

The European Commission has publicly responded to the WSPA-led Handle with Care coalition’s demands for better enforcement of existing EU legislation on animal transportation and - in the longer term - a complete end to long distance transport.

European Union support boosts UDAW campaign

The EU has announced support for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare – a major breakthrough for the recognition of animal welfare as a globally important issue.

Global reach: WSPA celebrates 1,000 member societies

WSPA, the world’s largest alliance of animal welfare organizations, has grown to a total of 1,012 member societies. Together we are changing animals’ lives.

Green light for urgent action to save threatened dogs

Local support means WSPA and BAWA can now begin an urgently needed rabies vaccination drive, aiming to save thousands of Bali's dogs. Find out how you can help us!

Halal guidlines to include animal welfare

In an unprecedented move, WSPA has been invited by the International Halal Integrity Alliance to produce draft animal welfare guidelines.

Have a healthy and humane Thanksgiving table

With Thanksgiving approaching, families across the U.S. are looking forward to celebrating with a delicious feast. By reducing your consumption of meat and animal products over the holiday, you can have a positive impact for animals, your own health, and for the environment.

Helping animal victims of the Costa Rica Earthquake

In an inspiring joint effort for animals, WSPA disaster relief teams, member societies, and supporters around the world banded together to bring vital emergency relief to animal victims of a devastating earthquake that struck Costa Rica in early January.

Kick start your humane diet with these “best” egg brands

Although many humanely-raised meat and dairy products are finding their way onto store shelves, it is often difficult to distinguish them from ubiquitous intensively-raised options. For shoppers who are just starting a humane diet, the search for these products can be daunting, but there is one grocery aisle where choosing a humane option is easier.

Leona Lewis says Animals Matter

Top international singer Leona Lewis is backing WSPA in a new campaign video launched today.

Leona Lewis, top international singer/songwriter, supports WSPA

British singer Leona Lewis has named WSPA as one of her favorite charities and wants to build her knowledge of our work.

LUSH Cosmetics and WSPA working together for orangutans

Orangutan habitats are being destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations, leaving an estimated 5,000 orangutans dead each year. WSPA and LUSH Cosmetics have partnered to help protect them.

Microchip project enables new life for farmed bear

July 31 2009: An Asiatic black bear held illegally on a bear bile farm is on his way to a sanctuary today, thanks to a WSPA-funded microchipping and monitoring program.

Norway’s whaling: disregarding welfare, defying logic

Norway’s 2010 whaling quota is their largest since choosing to defy the International Whaling Commission’s ban on commercial whaling. But as Norway increases its hunt, WSPA’s defense of whale welfare is growing.

Orissa disaster relief operation: update

WSPA’s emergency field team remain in Orissa State, working hard to provide emergency food, shelter and veterinary first aid to animals affected by the recent tornado.

Petition power: Handle with Care welcomed by EU

The Handle with Care campaign has presented the EU Health Commissioner with over 150,000 signatures calling for the better enforcement of laws protecting animals transported within Europe.

Photo feature: protecting Tanzania’s elephants

See pictures from an exciting WSPA project which seeks to prevent dangerous conflict between people and elephants near the scenic Mkumi National Park.

Pioneering bonobos reach new home

A group of bonobos cared for by WSPA member society Les Amis des Bonobos have undertaken a remarkable journey. This is the first time that a sanctuary has attempted to reintroduce bonobos to the wild.

Plan your next meal out with WSPA’s new Restaurant Database

The holiday season is upon us, and with it typically comes an upswing in the number of people dining out with family and friends.

Plans to resume New Zealand’s cruel live sheep trade

Negotiations to resume New Zealand’s live sheep trade with Saudi Arabia are underway following a ban on live exports for more than five years.

Poachers beware: new skills for bear guardians

A training course for frontline forest staff has formed part of a package of measures to protect cubs in India’s Bihar region, saving them from lifetimes of distress as ‘dancing’ bears.

Protecting pigs: major live importer to end shipments

The Handle with Care coalition – which seeks to end the cruelty of long distance transport – is now a step closer to stopping live pig imports from the US mainland to Hawaii.

Report exposes suffering at whale and dolphin attractions

As the summer travel season kicks into high gear and families begin making trips to watch performances by dolphins, orcas (killer whales), seals and sea lions in marine parks, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) have issued the fourth edition of their in-depth report, The Case Against Marine Mammals in Captivity to educate tourists about the suffering that goes on behind the scenes.

Situation critical for Gaza's animals

Last week WSPA funded the Palestine Wildlife Society to buy veterinary supplies for Gaza's injured animals. But the picture of animal suffering that has emerged is even worse than we feared.

So nearly the last dance

Despite reports that bear dancing has been eradicated from India, work still needs to be done before we can celebrate. More bears still need rescuing. Join us in looking back over our journey and forward to a better future …

Suffering in Slums: The global stray dog problem

The stray dog problem is a truly global issue - at this very moment there are millions of dogs on the streets and in slums, outside in all weather, with nothing to call home other than the bare dirty pavement.

Swine flu: WSPA disputes need for pig cull

Egypt is still culling pigs despite there being no known link between the recent outbreak of swine flu and pigs. News on the spread of swine flu continues to develop, but there have been no significant discoveries that directly concern pigs, pig farming or pork products.

Take action: Protect the whaling ban, protect whales!

On June 22 over 80 governments will meet to decide the future of the world’s whales. More than 25 years after the global ban on commercial whaling was passed, these intelligent mammals are in danger once more.

Thousands of dogs suffer needless cull

Over 36,000 dogs have been killed in China. This kneejerk reaction to reported human rabies cases ignores evidence that humane dog vaccinations are the only effective way to combat this disease.

UDAW campaign reaches critical milestone

In a landmark decision, MPs from all four of Canada's political parties have unanimously adopted a motion which calls on the government to support (in principle) the development of a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare.

Undercover bear baiting footage reveals corruption

Footage taken by the Bioresource Research Centre has proven that bear baiting events are taking place in Punjab and resulted in corruption investigations.

United condemnation of new whaling plans

WSPA and the world’s leading anti-whaling organizations condemn plans to allow hunts in Japanese coastal waters. We call for governments to oppose this deal, which could destroy the international commercial whaling ban.

Update: Hanzhong dog cull ends

The mass dog cull in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province is over. Despite local and international pressure, the cull ran as planned, meaning there’s no guarantee of safety for surviving dogs in the future.

World Animal Week reaches the UN

WSPA and governments supporting a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare have hosted meetings at United Nations headquarters. Watch a video highlighting the vital link between animal welfare and sustainable development here.

WSPA 2009 Achievements for Animal Welfare

From bringing essential aid to thousands of animal victims of multiple disasters in Asia Pacific, to pioneering the first-ever release of captive bonobos into the wild in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to making a difference for farm animals in Brazil, we’ve accomplished so much for animals this year.

WSPA advances UN collaboration on animal welfare issues

WSPA and members of more than 30 permanent missions and UN agencies have discussed links between animal welfare and the UN's sustainable development agenda.

WSPA announces new Director General

Michael Baker has been appointed as WSPA's new Director General, taking over from Major General Peter Davies in the summer.

WSPA comes to aid of Cuba's animals

Thousands of Cuba's animals have been saved from life-threatening diseases and treated for injuries thanks to WSPA emergency aid, delivered in the aftermath of four hurricanes.

WSPA condemns alleged Japanese whaling plans

WSPA condemns an alleged 'deal' by the Chair of the International Whaling Commission that would allow Japan to resume commercial whaling and see many whales suffer painful deaths.

WSPA Deploys Emergency Teams to Asia Pacific Disasters

In the wake of devastating natural disasters in Indonesia, Samoa and the Philippines, WSPA has deployed disaster assessment and response teams to ascertain the impact on animals and the need for emergency relief.

WSPA helps shoppers find humane foods

As part of our campaign to put an end to the cruel and unsustainable practices of factory farming, WSPA USA’s is making it easier for shoppers to find animal-friendly products.

WSPA Observes 200th Anniversary of Animal Protection

In 1809, a society "for the suppression and prevention of Wanton Cruelty to Brute Animals" was founded in Liverpool, England. To commemorate the 200th anniversary of what is probably the oldest animal charity in the world, WSPA sat down with Peter Singer, a philosopher, ethicist and widely published author known for his book Animal Liberation.

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