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Working horses
Working horses, donkeys and mules are invaluable for cultivating land and transporting goods and people. Horse owners in many parts of the world do not have the knowledge, skills or income to put the welfare of their animals first.

Disaster Relief
Natural and man-made disasters wreak havoc on millions of people and their environment every year. WSPA works with governments and local animal welfare groups to help prepare communities in disaster-prone areas.

Home page
Chowti, an Asiatic black bear, was tied up and attacked by dogs who bit and mauled her while people watched for entertainment.

Myanmar relief effort: Audio diary from the field
They are working to distribute food, prevent the spread of disease and alleviate suffering among the surviving animals, which are vital to the recovery and food security of the communities affected by Cyclone Nargis.

A symbol of hope: protecting Myanmar's animals
As one of the few international non-governmental organizations allowed to enter Myanmar in the weeks that followed, WSPA’s team of vets was always destined to make a huge difference to the worst hit communities.

Emergency relief in Bangladesh
WSPA delivered emergency relief when the worst floods in living memory hit Bangladesh in August 2007, displacing more than one million people and their animals.

What better way to help World Society for the Protection of Animals carry on the work you have supported during your lifetime than by making a bequest to WSPA.

Improving the lives of Colombia’s working horses
Around 18,000 people in the city depend on working horses for their income. WSPA believes the solution to the problem of poorly treated horses is to work closely with the owners and teach them how to care for their animals.

Why animals matter in a disaster
WSPA protects the welfare of animals in disaster situations because we believe they can suffer and feel pain. Recognizing this, WSPA works to prepare communities for the effects of disasters on their animals and minimize the potential suffering.

Take Action
A recent WSPA video investigation has revealed that one of the holiday's most popular symbols - the reindeer - is being subjected to immense suffering in large-scale round-ups and slaughter in Sweden and Finland.

Providing care for hurricane-stricken animals
The Miskito farmers rely on animals for their livelihoods, yet 96% of their crops and many of their animals were lost.

Stories from Orissa: after the tornado
Surekha told us that the concrete wall of her house and fallen on the earthen cow shed – the injured animal was under the wall for a whole night before being rescued and has been unable to move since.

Ten Ways You Can Help Animals
This problem is made worse by “factory-style dog-breeding facilities known as puppy mills, which put profit above the welfare of animals.

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Protect wild bears

Support WSPA's campaign to end bear farming

An Asiatic Black Bear in the wild