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Balkasar Bear Sanctuary

Bear baiting is a violent blood sport, where tethered bears are repeatedly attacked by trained dogs – all in the name of entertainment.

For these bears, life is filled with suffering and brutality. Ropes and nose rings have been threaded through their sensitive muzzles, and their claws and teeth have been removed or dulled. Between events, they are tied in the scorching sun and fed inadequate diets. Under these horrendous conditions their wounds may never fully heal.

New lives at Balkasar

In partnership with the Bioresource Research Centre (BRC), WSPA is working to rescue these vulnerable bears and permanently end cruel bear baiting events.

In order to provide a safe refuge for these animals, WSPA and BRC opened Balkasar bear sanctuary in October 2010. Covering 17 acres, Balkasar’s lush grounds give rescued bears the freedom to engage in important natural behaviors – often for the first time in many years. 

When bears first arrive at Balkasar, the BRC team carefully treats their wounds and removes their ropes and nose rings. Bears are then closely monitored as they recover in quarantine. Once they are healthy and strong, rescued bears are free to roam through the main enclosure.

More bears in need

With your incredible support, we are seeing real progress toward an end to bear baiting. But there are more bears who need our help.

Approximately 50 bears are still being used in baiting fights, and your support is essential as we work to bring them to Balkasar sanctuary and end this brutal "sport" once and for all.

Please donate today to help WSPA save bears and other animals in need >>
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