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Romanian Bear Sanctuary

The World Society for the Protection of Animals and our local partner Asociatia Milioane de Prieteni (AMP) have completed the final extension to the WSPA funded bear sanctuary in Romanian is now ready for rescued bears.

The beautiful forested sanctuary, near the town of Zarnesti, now covers approximately 66 acres of lush countryside and home to 77 bears in need.

All of the bears at the sanctuary have spent most of their lives in miserable captivity and because of this trauma they are unable to survive by themselves in the wild. The sanctuary is therefore a haven for bears and provides the closest life possible to a life in the wild.

This astounding development, all made possible thanks to the generosity of WSPA supporters like you, means that WSPA and AMP can now rescue the last known bears that are kept in awful illegal captive conditions.

"We're delighted to have finished the final extension to the sanctuary and we hope to begin rescuing the remaining bears shortly," says WSPA Wildlife Advisor, Victor Watkins.

"Two bears named Jexy and Jimy, who spent all of their lives in a rusting cage at the back of a bread factory, will be the first new bears to experience the freedom, peace and safety of the new enclosure."


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