Funding for life: Training for independent futures

The vital work of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation will benefit from WSPA's training

Animal welfare groups often have great dedication; but they need more than this to protect animals long-term. WSPA’s fundraising training courses give member societies the tools to build a stable foundation for their projects, wherever in the world they are working.

The training, which includes organizational development, is unique. We don’t tell member societies what they need; our participatory approach allows animal welfare groups to identify their own fundraising goals and the skills necessary to achieve them.

When urgent, life-saving funding is needed – a situation facing the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation – WSPA’s training complements an emergency appeal. Growing its ability to be self-sufficient over several years will provide the Foundation and the orangutans with a more secure future.

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Appropriate training, effective fundraising

WSPA’s fundraising support is tailored to the member society; it can include individual mentoring or regional group training. The group program lasts two years, allowing participants to build confidence, develop their skills and ultimately come up with a realistic fundraising plan.

Member societies in East Africa, Latin America, Brazil, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East are often working where humanitarian need overshadows animal welfare and donating to charity is a luxury. WSPA’s trainers understand that regionally relevant approaches are needed; they encourage achievable objectives using their local experience.

Over the two years, the skilled trainers:

  • Work with member societies to identify their needs, goals and ability to put learning into action. 
  • Provide four face-to-face workshops and/or site visits.
  • Deliver an ongoing mentoring program.
  • Leave the groups with a working strategy for future fundraising that is ready to be implemented.

The Estonian Animal Protection Society commented, “We didn’t have a clear vision of what we could accomplish before but the training program has given us ideas and motivation – we have now established a fundraising IT tool so we can make better, statistically-based judgments.”

Looking to the future

We are learning too, and listening to member societies. In Canada, where Internet access is good, we are helping groups to learn online. Our new fundraising program in Asia will include site visits by mentors, having been identified as something participants would value.

For those groups who need different or more ad-hoc fundraising advice, free materials are available online.

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